Finding the Best Shaded Seats at Angel Stadium

Anaheim consistently ranks as one of the sunniest cities in America. With more than 280 days of sun each year, it also ranks as one of the most dangerous cities for people sensitive to the sun. The city boasts an average UV rating of nearly 6.0, about 50% higher than the average U.S. city.

day game angel stadium
Abundant sunshine is a common theme for Angels day games

For Angels night games, the sun is usually an afterthought. But for day games, being in the shade can make the difference between a fun family outing and having to leave early due to sun exposure. Fortunately, Angel Stadium is one of the better ballparks in the league for fans who wish to avoid the sun. For the best-shaded seats, consider the following advice:

  • Sit in the 200 (Terrace) or 500 Level
  • Sit on the third base side of the field
  • Avoid the outfield and seats down the right-field line

The Absolute Best Place to Avoid the Sun

If staying out of the sun is of utmost importance, purchase tickets in the Terrace (200) Level. These are widely considered the best seats for shade at Angel Stadium. Each Terrace section is fully covered, and that cover provides ample relief from the sun.

covered seats at angel stadium
The covered seats of the Terrace Level offer a safe haven for those wishing to stay out of the sun

The only Terrace seats that won't be shaded are the front of sections 229-233. For a 1 p.m. game, these seats will be shaded at the first pitch but will be in the sun by the end of the game.

If seats in the Terrace Level are unavailable or too expensive, consider seats in the 500 Level instead. Most of the seats in these sections are covered, and sections on the third base side and behind home plate are fully in the shade.

Sitting on the Third Base Side

Angel Stadium gives you five different levels in the main seating area. No matter where you choose to sit, seek out tickets on the third base side.

shaded side of angel stadium
The third base side is known as the shaded side at Angel Stadium

Not every seat on the third base side will be shaded at first pitch, but most seats will be shaded for at least half the game. For instance, only the last row of sections 104-113 is shaded in the middle of the summer. But by the end of the game, all of these seats are in the shade.

Steer Clear of the Outfield

sunny seats angel stadium
The sunniest part of the ballpark is right field - especially in the outfield

Outfield sections at Angel Stadium are among the most exposed seats in all of baseball. For day games, these seats will be directly in the SoCal sun. Avoid right field sections 236-249 for night games as these are the last seats to be shaded.

Don't Sit in Sections Down the Right Field Line

Even for late afternoon and night games, the right field corner is among the sunniest parts of the ballpark. Sections 132-135 and 431-436 are in direct sunlight and sunglasses and a hat are required attire.

Other sections to avoid include 230-233 and 535-540. Despite being well-covered, the front rows of these sections can be in the sun between 4 and 7 p.m..

Covered Seats at Angel Stadium

While Angel Stadium may not have complete coverage throughout the entire seating area, the 200 Level with its Club Level overhang and the 500 Level with the roof overhang provide shaded and protected seating options for fans. These areas ensure a more comfortable experience during the game, especially on the rare occasion when the weather becomes unfavorable.

200 Level

The Club Level overhang protects the 200 Level at Angel Stadium, providing coverage for every row in this section. So, regardless of the specific row, you can enjoy the game more comfortably and worry less about what is happening outside.

500 Level

The 500 Level is protected by a roof overhang that reaches over rows D and above. While these seats sacrifice being closer to the field, they offer coverage when needed.