American Family Field

Section 404 at American Family Field


Seat View From Section 404

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  • Row Numbers

    • Rows in Section 404 are labeled 1-4, 8-24
    • There is a walkway betweeen Rows 4 and 8
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row 4

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      Quiet in the Corner

      Jul 2013

      Section 404, Row 4, Seat 26

      We were originally sitting on the third base side of the lower level, but moved up here to take advantage of the shade and be able to stretch out a bit (since as you can tell from the photos, no one was up here!). In spite of not being able to see the right field corner and struggling to look through the enormous foul pole and guard rails, these seats were quite enjoyable! It was fun to put our feet up and be able to hear each other as we chatted during the game. Restrooms and concessions were a decent walk, but with no one else around, there were no lines at all! Cool views of the Dew Deck beyond right field, and interesting perspective of the game. Fun place to sit when its empty!

      • Terrace Level Outfield

        (Seating Zone) -

        Being on the highest tier of the ballpark and located closer to the foul poles than home plate leave the Terrace Level Outfield seats with some of the furthest views for a Brewers game. The one advant...

      • "Don't waste your money. These seats suck!"

        (Section 442) - -

        You're right next to Bernie's slide in left field. You can't see anything in right or center field. These should be sold as obstructed view seats for a much cheaper price than 24 a pop. Now I know why they were available. Don't waste your money on these crap seats. Save your hard earned money and wa...

      • "The Bernie Show"

        (Section 442) - -

        The only reason to sit here would be if you had some sort of fascination with Bernie, the Brewers Mascot. Forget about seeing the scoreboard, and 90% of the outfield is blocked as well (see photos). But if you want to come to the park just watch Bernie and his awesome mustache get ready for a home...

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