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Section 517 at Angel Stadium


Seat View From Section 517

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  • Section 517 Seating Notes

    Row & Seat Numbers

    • Rows in Section 517 are labeled A-R
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row A
    • have 11 seats labeled 10-20
    • have 20 seats labeled 1-20
    • have 21 seats labeled 1-21
    • All Seat Numbers
    • When looking towards the field, lower number seats are on the left

    Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    Worst Seats Ever

    Sep 2014

    Section 517, Row E, Seat 19

    Awful, awful seats. Probably some of the worst I have ever sat in, and I have sat in a lot of different seats in my time. Located directly at the top of the entry tunnel, the safety fencing and guard railing right in front completely obstructs the view. It felt like I was watching the game from behind prison bars, as I couldn't see an ounce of the field with out it being through the fencing mesh.
    The legroom is atrocious and I really couldn't think of one redeeming quality about sitting here. Don't ever waste your time in these seats above the entry tunnels.

    • View Level Infield

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      The view level is a collection of 400 and 500 level upper deck seating at Angel Stadium. The 500 level is just an extension over the 400 level and the only difference is that the 500 level seats are h...

    • "Don't sit in Row A!"

      (Section 413) - -

      The railing is just brutal! Don't sit in Row A even if they're free! And if you have Row A seats, don't try giving them away -- someone might sue you for the back problems they're sure to get here. You've got about a ten inch window to see between the railings. In order to get that view, you hav...

    • "Good nosebleeds "

      (Section 529) - -

      Not bad last row up so no one behind you, steep walk up though

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