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What does row "SR" mean for Yankees tickets?

Apr 2017

Answered by RateYourSeats.com staff...

If you see tickets labeled as "SR" at Yankee Stadium, these are Standing Room tickets. Unlike standing room tickets at most ballparks which are general admission, most standing room tickets at Yankee Stadium are reserved. These rows are often labeled with a number along with the letters. For example, row 19SR is a standing room row located directly behind row 18. Occasionally standing room rows will be labeled "S" instead of "SR".

Yankee Stadium SRO rows
The view from the standing room row of Section 105. Most spaces are under the overhang and have a limited view of the field.

Most reserved standing room spaces are located at the back of their respective section - and many include a drink ledge. These tickets are ideal for guests who like to socialize and don't want to be confined to a traditional stadium seat.

Asked April 02, 2017

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