Covered Seats at Yankee Stadium

yankee stadium covered seats whole stadium
The back of the 100, 200 and 400 levels have the most overhead coverage at Yankee Stadium.

100 Level (Field Level)

Yankee Stadium features three distinct levels of seating - and covered seating can be found at the back of each level. Seats under cover will be protected from the rain (and snow) and will have the best chance of being shaded when the sun is directly overhead.

The lower level consists of ultra-premium seating around the infield and the 100s sections that wrap around most of the ballpark. Seats closest to the field - Legends and Champion Suites sections - are completely uncovered and exposed to all elements.

The only place to find covered seating near the field is at the back of the 100s sections. Generally speaking, the last 5-6 rows in each of these sections are completely covered by the overhang. For example, section 120A and 120B are directly behind home plate, and rows 14-19 in each section are under cover.

section 105, 106, 107, 108 cover yankee stadium
Sections 105-108 are well covered by the overhang, but can still be sunny in the late afternoon

Sections 105-108 are the most heavily covered sections at Yankee Stadium. Located in right field, more than half of the rows in these sections are covered. While this will keep you dry, remember that the farther back you sit, the more obstructed your view by the overhang. Also, keep in mind that these sections are susceptible to the sun when it starts setting over the third base roof.

The only 100s sections without any cover are sections 103, 104, 135 and 136. These sections are in home run territory and do not have a roof or overhang protecting them.

200 Level (Main Level)

The Main Level at Yankee Stadium refers to sections labeled in the 200s (except those in the outfield). Each section has at least a little cover, thanks to the Terrace Level overhang. Between sections 205 - 217 and 223 - 234, roughly the last ten rows are under cover, starting with row 14.

main level covered seating yankee stadium
The Suite Level overhang helps keeps the back part of the 200 level dry.

As for the 200s sections in the outfield? Those are known as the Bleachers - and as most bleachers are - these are completely exposed to the sun and rain.

300 Level (Terrace Level)

The next level up at Yankee Stadium is the Terrace Level. These are sections labeled in the 300s. These sections provide cover to the 200 level but are not covered themselves. They're one of the best values for a Yankees game, but on a rainy day you don't want to be sitting here.

400 Level (Grandstand)

yankee stadium covered seats grandstand
Rows 5 and higher in Grandstand sections are covered by the Yankee Stadium roof.

At the top of Yankee Stadium are the Grandstand sections. Not only are these among the cheapest tickets for Yankees games, they're also among the best protected seats.

Roughly speaking, the last ten rows of every Grandstand section is covered by the roof. Pick a seat in row 5 or higher, and you'll stay happily dry during inclement weather. Just keep in mind that the trade-off in the highest rows is that the roof's lattice may be distracting to your view.

Shaded Seats at Yankee Stadium

While covered seats are great for keeping you dry on a rainy day, some of them won't do you much good if what you're really after is relief from the sun. If this is you, here are the general rules for finding shaded seats at a Yankees game:

  • For 1pm games, most covered seats will also be shaded until at least the 6th inning
  • ​Avoid seats in home run territory - even if they are covered
  • Do not sit in the Bleachers
  • Favor seats behind home plate or around the infield
yankee stadium photo showing shaded seats
This photo, taken at noon in late June, shows a dissection of shaded seats across all four levels. In the lower level, only a few back rows are shaded. In the 200 level, nearly half of the seats are shaded. And in the 400 level the upper rows will be safe from the sun.