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Does the railing affect the view from Row 1 of the 200s sections at Yankee Stadium?

Jun 2016

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The Main Level at Yankee Stadium (made up of most 200 level sections) are some of the most popular seats at a Yankees game. In addition to more affordable pricing than the 100 level, some of these seats feature outstanding views, while others offer a chance at a souvenir. Unfortunately, an unsightly railing is present at the front of each of these sections and offers varying degrees of obstruction (and frustration).

Avoid Rows 1-2 in Sections 205-210 and 230-234

section 205, row 1 view
From Row 1 in Section 205, a large portion of right field is obstructed by the railing and signage

In most ballparks you can at least peek through upper level railings. However, in some sections at Yankee Stadium, obstructive advertisements are affixed to the railing and disrupt views of the outfield. You'll want to avoid rows 1 and 2 in sections deep down the left and right field lines to ensure yourself the best view. Instead, consider rows 3-9 and give yourself a clear view and a chance at a home run ball.

Avoid Row 1 in Sections 211-214A and 227A-229

As you move closer to the infield, the advertisements on the railings are fewer and the angle towards the field improves. As a result, you'll simply want to avoid the first row in 200 level outfield sections. Sitting in Row 2 and above will give you clean looks at all areas of the field.

Other 200s Sections

For 200 level sections near the infield, we highly recommend the lower rows, including row 1. Because these seats hang over the lower level, they feel much closer to the action than second deck seating at most other ballparks.

Asked June 28, 2016

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