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Section 104 at American Family Field


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Section 104 Seating Notes

  • Rows 10-14 are recommended for outstanding convenience
  • Related Seating: Field Bleachers (for baseball games)

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 104 are labeled 1-14
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 14

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  • Section 104 Reviews

    Good position to catch home run ball!

    Jul 2013

    Section 104, Row 1, Seat 14

    These seats have a great view from the front row of the right field bleachers in a great spot for potential home run balls. They do not extend all the way to the outfield wall because there is a small field level bar that is in front. There is bench bleacher seating in this section, making the seats less comfortable than seats with armrests. Overall, this was a good place to sit to take in a ballgame.

    Fully shaded bleacher seats!

    Jul 2013

    Section 104, Row 11, Seat 20

    This seat was in the middle of the section completely protected by an overhang. It made the experience so much better because it was extremely hot and sunny and the shade was perfect. When I looked toward center field, there was a large pole obstruction that blocked some of the view so that was a bummer. Other than that, it was a decent view of the field.

    • Field Bleachers


      Just beyond the right field wall in fair territory are the 4 reserved seating sections that make up the Field Level Bleachers (Sections 101-104). These seats are prime home run territory when left handed power hitters step up to the plate against a right handed pitcher, and are the closest to the field of any of the bleacher seat options. The seats are bench style with no arms, but do feature backs for additional support and less leaning forward during the game. The first 5 rows in the Field Level Bleachers are fully open, but the higher rows will have the Loge level bleachers overhanging above, limiting the view in some of the furthest rows. The main scoreboard (located above Center Field) will be very difficult to see from here, and fans are advised to consider seats in the middle of the rows to avoid some of the view obstructions from the loge bleachers at American Family Field. Sections 101 and 102 are great options as they are located just above the visiting team bullpen. 

    • Recommended For Outstanding Convenience


      These seats were hand-selected for being close to a wide-range of amenities. They are within five rows of the concourse (fewer stairs) and there is a men’s restroom, women’s restroom and concessions near this section.

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