Yankee Stadium

"Comfortable With Frustrating Views"

Seat Review From Section 134, Row 16, Seat 19
Jun 2016


Seats are on the aisle for easy access, and have amazing shade provided by the overhanging 200 level seating deck above. I was just two rows down from the entry tunnel, making trips to the concourse a piece of cake when I needed another beverage or to make a trip to the restrooms.

But here comes the bad: the views of center field. The ridiculously placed Mohegan Sun Bar cuts off a good portion of deep center and right center field, leaving you guessing as to what is going on when a ball gets hit to either of those areas. And you can also forget about seeing any of the center field videoboard as well.

Rows 12 and lower seem to have a better viewing position to avoid the Bar from limiting the view, however from there you'll have to deal with being in the sun as you're no longer under the overhang.

Best for... being in the shade

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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