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Yankee Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Audi Yankees Club (Yankees Games) - The Audi Yankees Club is a premium seating area located on the suite level in left-field at Yankee Stadium. This is a fully enclosed area with a dinin...
  • Champions Suite - Champions Suite seats for a Yankees game are adjacent to the ultra-premium Legends Suite sections. Ticketholders in this collection of six sections wi...
  • Delta Sky360 Suite - Delta Sky360 Suite seats at Yankee Stadium provide guests with club access and one of the best views in the stadium.   Delta Sky360 Suite&n...
  • Field MVP Seats (Yankees Games) - When looking at the Yankees seating chart, sections 115-125 are labeled Field MVP seats. These over-sized, padded seats start about ten rows from the ...
  • Jim Beam Suite (Yankees Games) - While most premium seating at Yankee Stadium is located in the two lowest levels, fans will find an upscale seating option behind home plate on the 30...
  • Legends Suite (Yankees and New York City FC Games) - The best seats for a Yankees game are those located on the infield and behind home plate in sections 14A-27A. These sections are considered Legends Su...
  • Pitchside Seats - Widely considered the best seats for a NYC FC match, the Pitchside Seats are located directly on the grass and combine outstanding views of the player...

Yankees Ticket Information

2023 Yankees tickets

The 2023 Yankees tickets guide includes the season schedule, ticket price information and the best options for buying tickets.

Alcohol-Free Seating for Yankees Games

For Yankees games, guests are not allowed to bring alcohol into sections 407A and 433 and vendors are not allowed to sell in these sections.

Bleachers Seating

yankees stadium bleacher seats
  • Bleachers Seating - The Bleachers at Yankee Stadium are one of the cheapest tickets for a Yankees game. These large sections are located in center-field and are the most ...

Family Corner Seating for New York City FC Games

The Family Corner at NY FC matches is located away from Supporters Sections and is near a family restroom and team store.

Field Level Seating

section 127b seat view  for baseball - yankee stadium
  • Field Level Seating - Field Level seats at Yankee Stadium include all 100 Level sections and all sections numbered with two digits (e.g.: 11). About half of these sections ...

Grandstand Seating

section 421 seat view  for baseball - yankee stadium
  • Grandstand Seating - Grandstand Seating at Yankee Stadium includes all 400 Level sections. These sections comprise the upper deck and are the farthest seats from the field...

Yankees Dugout & Visitor Dugout

visitor dugout
The visiting team at Yankee Stadium occupies the dugout on the 3B side of the field.
yankees dugout
The Yankees dugout is located on the first base side of the field, in front of Legends sections 15A-17A.
yankees dugout
Looking towards the Yankees dugout in front of Sections 15-17.
yankees stadium visitor dugout
The visitor dugout at Yankee Stadium is located in front of sections 23-25.

Yankees Dugout - The Yankees players sit in front of Section 15A, Section 15B, Section 16 and Section 17A

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 23, Section 24A, Section 24B and Section 25

Home & Visitor Sideline For Football Games

Home Sideline - For most football games the home team sideline is in front of Section 103, Section 104, Section 105, Section 106 and Section 107

Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 129, Section 130, Section 131, Section 132 and Section 133

Main Level Seating

section 227b, row 13 seat view  for baseball - yankee stadium
  • Main Level Seating - The Yankee Stadium seating chart lists sections 205-217 and 223-234 as Main Level seats. These sections hang directly over Field Level seats. Som...

Pinstripe Pass Seating for Yankees Games

  • Pinstripe Pass Seating - The most affordable way to enter Yankee Stadium is by purchasing a Pinstripe Pass. These tickets will allow you admission into the stadium and your fi...

Standing Room Only for Baseball

field standing room only seat view  for baseball - yankee stadium
  • Standing Room Only - Yankee Stadium is one of the few venues in Major League Baseball that has reserved Standing Room Only seats and sections. These reserved standing room...

Supporters Section for New York City FC Games

  • Supporters Section - NYC FC Supporters cheer from sections 235-238 at Yankee Stadium. These are Bleacher Seats with no back support. 

Terrace Level Seating

  • Terrace Level Seating - The 300 Level at Yankee Stadium is also known as the Terrace Level. These seats share a concourse with Grandstand sections (400s) but there are some d...

Visitor Supporters Section for New York City FC Games

Section 217 is reserved for Away Team Supporters at NYC FC matches.

Shaded & Covered Seating

Yankee Stadium Covered Seats
  • Shaded and Covered Seats - Covered Seats at Yankee Stadium The back of the 100, 200 and 400 levels have the most overhead coverage at Yankee Stadium. 100 Level (Field Level...

Obstructed Seating

  • Avoid Row(s) 10-24 in Section(s) 238 and 202 for Baseball -

    Fans sitting in rows ten and above in section 202 may have difficulty seeing left field due to the structure in center field. From section 238, guests in higher rows will have trouble seeing right-center field.

  • There are roughly 1,048 seats in the bleachers that have obstructed views of the opposite outfield. - (Baseball Review)
  • 201,239 - The main obstructions are in sections 201 and 239. - (Baseball Review) If you're in Section 201, you want your seat number to be higher rather than lower, and vice-versa in Section 239. If you're seat one [in section 201], I'd suggest standing.
  • The new upper deck at Yankee Stadium features obstructions never seen at the old Yankee Stadium - (Baseball Review)
  • Section 428 - Obstruction in Section 428, Row 3, Seat 1 - (Baseball Review)
  • Section 420A - Plexiglass would obstruct view in rows one and two. - (Baseball Review)

All Obstructed Seat Warnings

Also see...

Know of obstructed seats? Help other fans and let us know!

Yankee Stadium Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

Built at a cost of more than two billion dollars, the new Yankee Stadium is an impressive combination of original architecture and modern conveniences. And while some of the favorite seats from the old ballpark - like the overhanging third deck - did not make it to the new stadium in exact form, new Yankee Stadium boasts some of the best seats in all of baseball.

If you're headed to a Yankees game and getting the best view is most important to you, look no further than seats on the second level - especially near the infield. These aren't just the best seats in Yankee Stadium - these are perhaps the best seats in any major league ballpark.

What makes the 200 level at Yankee Stadium so spectacular is a perfect combination of elevation and distance to the field. These seats hang over the lower seating bowl - a feature that has become common in retro-style ballparks. This creates shade and cover for the seats below, and it allows the second seating deck to be closer to the field. Unlike most stadiums; however, there are fewer than 30 rows of seats in the main seating bowl at Yankee Stadium. Most stadiums with an overhanging deck have 40 or more rows in the lower bowl. By being ten rows closer to the field and lower to the ground, sections like 214-226 feel as if they are literally on top of the field. If you're sitting in one of the lower rows of these sections, you may not even see the field level seats below you - furthering the illusion that you're as close to the field as you can get. Whether you're sitting on the infield, down the line or in the outfield, the 200 level sections offer the best sitelines at a Yankees game. Just be sure not to confuse them with bleacher sections that are also labeled in the 200s.

As for other locations within Yankee Stadium that offer a great view, you can't go wrong with anything on the lower level behind home plate. The only complaints about these seats is that they might be too low to the ground, the net gets in the way and, oh yeah, they tend to cost a pretty penny. You can avoid two of these issues by purchasing tickets a little farther from home plate where the netting is not in your way (the net runs from section 011 to 029) and ticket prices are a little more agreeable.

If a home plate view is important and you want to stay within a budget, you'll likely be priced out of all seats on the first two seating decks. Within these sections all home plate tickets are priced at a premium due to their status as club seats. This will have you looking at tickets in the 300 and 400 level sections. Among these, we prefer rows 2 and above in sections 318-322. These seats are located just a few steps down from the concourse and will give you an excellent view of the field and the scoreboard. Unfortunately, as there are issues with railings on the 200 level, the glass in front of the first row of the 300 level is highly disruptive.

A few additional notes

  • The first two and last three rows of 200 level seats should be avoided; railings and signage obstruct views from the lower rows, while an overhang can be distracting in rows 20 and higher
  • Most obstructed view seats at Yankee Stadium have been removed; specifically, sections 201 and 239 have been replaced by a common bar and seating area that is open to all ticketholders

Sections Section 218A, Section 218B, Section 219 and Section 220A

  • Great elevated view from behind home plate
  • Club level amenities
  • Cushioned seats and in-seat wait service to make watching the game more comfortable

Rows 3-12 in Sections Section 212, Section 213, Section 214A and Section 214B

  • Phenomenal elevation and excellent sitelines to home plate
  • Rows 3 and above can comfortably see above the railing at the front of the section
  • Some of the best seats in all of baseball

Rows 2-9 in Sections Section 318, Section 319, Section 320A and Section 320B

  • Excellent view from behind home plate
  • Easy access to the concourse for quick trips to restrooms and concessions
  • Among the cheapest tickets at Yankee Stadium with a home plate view

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

A view from the Legends Suite seats directly behind home plate at Yankee Stadium.
Some of the most sought-after Yankees seats are in the Legends Suite seats directly behind home plate.
Looking into Champions Suite section 11.
Some of the coolest seats at Yankee Stadium are located in the top rows of the infield. Every two seats are separated by a table large enough for food, drinks and cell phones. They also provide you with a little more breathing room while in your seats.
The Champions Suite seats include a private walkway to the nearby club lounge where food and drink await.

For Yankees Games: Sections 14A, 14B, 15A and 15B

  • Excellent infield view from very close to the field
  • Amazing club level amenities, some of the best in the MLB
  • In-seat wait service with food and non-alcoholic beverages included in the ticket price

For Football: Sections 219, 220A, 220B and 220C

  • Plush comfortable seating from the Delta Sky premium seats
  • No head turning needed to follow the action on the field
  • Head on views of the videoboard

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Best Seats for Kids and Family

With relatively high ticket prices and the notorious Bleacher Creatures, Yankee Stadium is rarely thought of as one of the more family-friendly ballparks in the major leagues. More recently; however, the stadium has undergone some changes to ensure the best possible experience for kids and families.

The most significant and recent change to the ballpark is the addition of the Kids Clubhouse. Located in right field on the Terrace level (300s sections), the Clubhouse is an interactive area for kids to play before or during the game. The outdoor area features a mini diamond with over-sized baseball-themed memorabilia that kids can climb up, slide down and tunnel through. Think of it as a Yankees version of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. While most of the area is exposed to the elements, parents will be able to supervise from the shaded "dugout".

One of the cheapest ways to bring the family to Yankee Stadium is to purchase tickets in one of the bleachers sections in center field. When looking at tickets in these sections, steer clear of the seats closer to right-field (202-204). The Bleacher Creatures occupy Section 203 and can create a hostile environment unsuitable for children. Instead, sit on the other side of Monument Park in sections 236-238 where ticket prices are still relatively affordable and the atmosphere is a little more family-friendly. Other considerations among affordable tickets include sections 407A and 433 where alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Besides for a family-friendly environment, seriously consider the weather factors when bringing kids or elderly adults to Yankee Stadium. If the forecast calls for high temperatures and abundant sunshine, you'll want to completely avoid most seats in right field and on the first base side of the field. Between late afternoon and into the evening the sun is relentless in these sections. Instead, the general rule of thumb is to choose seats in the back half of 100, 200 and 400 level sections on the third base side of the field. These rows will be mostly covered by the roof or overhang and will be the first to have shaded relief from the heat.

Sections Section 407A and Section 433

  • Alcohol free area
  • Lack of alcohol creates an environment that is more suitable for children
  • More affordable tickets on the upper deck

Sections Section 306, Section 307, Section 308 and Section 309

  • Close to the new Kids Clubhouse play area
  • Among the lowest ticket prices in the stadium

Rows 13-23 in Sections Section 226, Section 227A, Section 227B and Section 228

  • These seats provide some of the best shade and cover in the ballpark
  • High-number rows in these sections are closest to the concourse

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

Yankee Stadium offers a number of standing room only ticket options. Many of these spaces are reserved and include a drink rail (and sometimes even a seat). Additionally, most of these seats are fully covered and shaded.
MasterPass Batter's Eye Deck near center field.

For Baseball: Sections 201, 202, 203 and 204

  • Good area for socializing and drinking
  • Can be rowdy and loud
  • Near a bar located in center field

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Partying and Socializing.

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

Yankee Stadium is quite notorious when it comes to hosting fans who are cheering for the opposing team. Especially if you're rooting for the Red Sox or Mets, you should come to the ballpark knowing that you're going to be subject to some abuse. If that's your idea of a good time, head towards Section 203 where the Bleacher Creatures will be happy to make you their punching bag. Otherwise, continue reading to find other areas of the ballpark that are a little more visitor-fan-friendly.

One of the safest places for visiting fans to sit is in one of the Legends, Champions or MVP sections near the infield at field level. These seats are dominated by season-ticket-holding businesses and corporations. As a result, the crowds in these seats tend to behave a little more conservatively when it comes to jeering the opposing team's fans. Among these seats, Legends sections 23, 24A, 24B and 25 are directly behind the visitor dugout. These seats are rarely available for sale and often priced at $1,000+ per ticket when offered. As an alternative, consider sections 123-125 which are within 15 rows of the dugout and still come with premium benefits like club access and free snacks.

Another option for being close to visiting team players is to sit above the left-field bullpen in sections 237 and 238. Despite being traditional bleacher seats (no backs), ticketholders will have access to the entire stadium, including the nearby Monument Park. For 2017 most of the obstructed bleacher seats (previously sections 201 and 239) have been removed and replaced by a Bullpen Landing area complete with bar-stool seating, drink rails and multiple windows to order food and drink. Tickets in sections 237 and 238 are available for less than $20 for most games and are a perfect way to cheer on your favorite team on a budget.

For out-of-town fans who are visiting Yankee Stadium for multiple games, you'd be remiss if you didn't sit in one of the non-bleacher 200 level sections for at least one game. For the baseball purist who visits multiple stadiums, it will be easy to see why these seats are so highly recommended. By being slightly elevated and not too far from the field, the front rows of these sections feel as if they're located directly on the field. With the exception of loge seats at Dodger Stadium, there's nothing quite like these anywhere else in the big leagues. Sections near third base are technically on the visitor side, but we recommend sections 212-216 on the first base side where you get the best views directly into the visitor dugout.

Sections Section 123, Section 124 and Section 125

  • Within 15 rows of the visitor dugout
  • Less expensive and more easily obtainable than Legends tickets above the dugout
  • Rows 1-10 receive premium club amenities, including free snacks and lounge access

Sections Section 212, Section 213, Section 214A and Section 214B

  • Great views directly into the visitor dugout
  • Ideal elevation and excellent sitelines for gorgeous views of Yankee Stadium

Sections Section 237 and Section 238

  • Located just above the visitor bullpen
  • On the opposite side from the Bleacher Creatures, which means less harassment for visitor fans
  • Typically among the cheapest tickets for a Yankees game

Yankee Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Excellent Seats in the Delta Sky Suite" - - I deliberated a lot between these seats and grabbing something on the lower level. I'm glad I ended ...
    Section 221A, Row 2, Seat 8 / Baseball Review
  • "Excellent Seats" - - The seats in section 311 had a very good view of the field. You could watch the whole ballgame clear...
    Section 311, Row 9, Seats 14-17 / Baseball Review
  • "Only Go For the Breeze" - - You won't be able to see much of balls hit deep to right field, as the seating tier blocks the view ...
    Section 407A, Row 5, Seat 12 / Baseball Review
  • "Could It Be Any Better?" - - The views of the field are nothing short of spectacular. Perfect viewing height near the top of the...
    Section 123, Row 15, Seat 9 / Baseball Review
  • "No Good For Shorter Fans" - - The main issue here is how high the outfield wall is near these seats closer to center field. I hav...
    Section 136, Row 1, Seat 11 / Baseball Review
  • "Comfortable With Frustrating Views" - - Seats are on the aisle for easy access, and have amazing shade provided by the overhanging 200 level...
    Section 134, Row 16, Seat 19 / Baseball Review
  • "Decided to treat myself" - - A friend of mine had never been to a baseball game before, so we splurged a little to get seats in s...
    Section 317, Row 5, Seat 19 / Baseball Review
  • "First row seats were fine, wear lots of sunscreen and your Yankee cap" - - Seats were in the back of right field about 25 yards to the right of the foul post. We normally sit...
    Section 205, Row 1, Seats 15-17 / Baseball Review
  • "Amazing Outfield Seats With a Short Wall" - - These could be some of the best outfield seats I have ever sat in for a baseball game. You won't fi...
    Section 133, Row 1, Seat 8 / Baseball Review
  • "Pretty Decent for Upper Level" - - The seats have a very nice straight away view of the field and excellent positioning towards the cen...
    Section 420A, Row 3, Seat 5 / Baseball Review
  • All Ratings & Reviews

    Venue & Seating Questions

    • What section is considered upper deck?

      The upper deck sections would be any section in the 300 or 400 level sections. These sections are at the highest elevation at Yankee Stadium

    • Is section 114 a Yankees section or a Mets section?

      Sections 114A and 114B are closer to the Yankees dugout at Yankees Stadium.

    • Where can I find wider seating at Yankee Stadium?

      The widest seating available in Yankee Stadium is located in the Legends Club and Champions Club seats (sections 11-29). These seats come with a high price tag, so you may also want to consider the Jim Beam and Delta Sky club seats for a wider seating option at the April 9th game. To view all the club seats, you can select the 'Club Seats' filter located on the right side of the Interactive Seating Chart.

      Searching for Club Seats at Yankee Stadium
      To find wider seating, use the Club Seat filters on our Interactive Yankee Stadium Seating Chart
    • What exactly is handicap seating at Yankee Stadium?

      Handicap accessible seating generally consists of rows of folding chairs which can be moved to create room which will accommodate fans in wheelchairs. These seats are usually located at the same level as an entry tunnel to prevent the need for walking up or down any stairs in an aisle.

      Handicap accessible seats are available in many locations at Yankee Stadium, located in the top rows of the following sections:

      • 100 Level: 104-106, 109, 111, 114A, 116, 118, 119, 120A, 120B, 121A, 121B, 124, 127A, 130, 132-134
      • 200 Level: 203, 205, 206, 209, 211, 212, 214B, 215, 216, 220A-220C, 224-226, 228, 229, 231, 234-237
      • 300 Level: 305, 306, 309, 310, 313-315, 317-319, 320A-320C, 321-323, 325-327, 330, 331, 333, 334
      • To request handicap accessible seating, you can contact the Yankees directly via email at [email protected], or by phone at (718) 579-4510.

        Yankee Stadium Guide for Guests With Disabilities

    • What are Standing Only tickets at Yankee Stadium?

      There are standing room only tickets at Yankee Stadium, meaning that you will not have a designated seat to watch the game. There are both Field Level and Terrace Level standing room tickets, so fans stand somewhere in the concourse on one of these two levels when you have a standing room only ticket.

      The Field Level standing room area has some bar stools and counter tops behind the seats and in the front part of the concourse to sit and watch the game. These are taken by standing room only fans on a first come first serve basis, so you have to get to the stadium early to potentially sit on one of these stools.

    • What does row "SR" mean for Yankees tickets?

      If you see tickets labeled as "SR" at Yankee Stadium, these are Standing Room tickets. Unlike standing room tickets at most ballparks which are general admission, most standing room tickets at Yankee Stadium are reserved. These rows are often labeled with a number along with the letters. For example, row 19SR is a standing room row located directly behind row 18. Occasionally standing room rows will be labeled "S" instead of "SR".

      Yankee Stadium SRO rows
      The view from the standing room row of Section 105. Most spaces are under the overhang and have a limited view of the field.

      Most reserved standing room spaces are located at the back of their respective section - and many include a drink ledge. These tickets are ideal for guests who like to socialize and don't want to be confined to a traditional stadium seat.

    • Section 108 or 208 for better views of football at Yankee Stadium?

      Section 208 will have a better vantage point to see more of the field from its higher position, however the foul pole will begin to come into your view near the endzone at the outfield end of the stadium.

      We do recommend seats in the second seating tier due to their higher viewing angle which gives a better perspective to the entire field, however to minimize the frustration caused by the foul pole, we recommend considering sections 209-210 on the same side of the field, or sections 233B, 229, or 230 on the other side of the field, all of which will have very good views of the field.

      Recommended viewing areas on the 200 level for football games at Yankee Stadium
      Sections 209-210 and 229-230 will have some of the best views from the 200 level thanks to their positioning near midfield and angles which eliminate the foul poles from being an issue
    • Are there any covered sections at Yankee Stadium?

      Hello, and thank you for your question. For cover in case of rain you will want to look at seats in the 400 level starting in row 5 and then continuing up to row 14. In the 200 level covered seats can be found starting in row 14 all the way to the last row of the section. And in the 100 level covered seats can be found in the last 3 rows of each section. I have recommended some seats that should be covered in case of rain.

    • Does the railing affect the view from Row 1 of the 200s sections at Yankee Stadium?

      The Main Level at Yankee Stadium (made up of most 200 level sections) are some of the most popular seats at a Yankees game. In addition to more affordable pricing than the 100 level, some of these seats feature outstanding views, while others offer a chance at a souvenir. Unfortunately, an unsightly railing is present at the front of each of these sections and offers varying degrees of obstruction (and frustration).

      Avoid Rows 1-2 in Sections 205-210 and 230-234

      section 205, row 1 view
      From Row 1 in Section 205, a large portion of right field is obstructed by the railing and signage

      In most ballparks you can at least peek through upper level railings. However, in some sections at Yankee Stadium, obstructive advertisements are affixed to the railing and disrupt views of the outfield. You'll want to avoid rows 1 and 2 in sections deep down the left and right field lines to ensure yourself the best view. Instead, consider rows 3-9 and give yourself a clear view and a chance at a home run ball.

      Avoid Row 1 in Sections 211-214A and 227A-229

      As you move closer to the infield, the advertisements on the railings are fewer and the angle towards the field improves. As a result, you'll simply want to avoid the first row in 200 level outfield sections. Sitting in Row 2 and above will give you clean looks at all areas of the field.

      Other 200s Sections

      For 200 level sections near the infield, we highly recommend the lower rows, including row 1. Because these seats hang over the lower level, they feel much closer to the action than second deck seating at most other ballparks.

    • How many rows in each section at Yankee Stadium?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.
    • Is seat number 1 on the left or right side of sections?
      As you look towards the field from your seats, lower number seats are on your right.
    • More Answers...
    • How are the rows configured in Section 414 at Yankee Stadium?
    • Is Section 233B, row 21, Seats 1 through 4 on the aisle?
    • Which has a better view at Yankee Stadium: Section 333 or 406?
    • Is section 429 at Yankee Stadium handicap accessible?
    • For Legends Suite 14b what gate do I enter the stadium?
    • Are there seats in the B1 section on the field or can I bring a chair?
    • How many seats are in Row 6 Section 328 at Yankee Stadium?
    • What does Section 320AS Row 9SR at Yankee Stadium mean?

    Other Photos From Yankee Stadium

    sro seats
    Yankee Stadium offers a number of standing room only ticket options. Many of these spaces are reserved and include a drink rail (and sometimes even a seat). Additionally, most of these seats are fully covered and shaded.
    yankee stadium lower level covered seats
    The overhang of the 200 level protects the back of most sections in the 100 level.
    masterpass bar yankee stadium
    MasterPass Batter's Eye Deck near center field.
    yankees stadium monument park
    Historic monument park is located just beyond the wall in center field and is a popular pre-game attraction.
    outside of yankee stadium on gameday
    sap suite level view
    A view from the Suite Level at Yankee Stadium.

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