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The Bleachers at Yankee Stadium have a reputation for being loud, ridden with foul language and a terrible place for visiting fans to sit. So if you're bringing the kids or coming from out-of-town, spend a few extra dollars and sit elsewhere.

As you look closer, you can see why the fans might always be in a bad mood -- metal bleachers and a high likelihood of having an obstructed seat would cause anyone to be a little irritated. Never-the-less, if you're a Yankees fan on a budget and just want to catch a game, the Bleachers are your best bet.

Completely avoid Sections 201, 239 and rows higher than 10 in Sections 202 and 238 -- that is unless you like having your view obstructed by the center field structure.  - RateYourSeats.com

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Good bleacher seats"

      (Section 202) - -

      No obstructed views like there are in 201. Can't see videoboard, but not a bad spot for cheap seats.

    • "Absolutely Atrocious"

      (Section 239) - -

      Higher numbered seats in this section should be avoided at all costs! I was on the far left aisle (closest to center field), which gave me what could be one of the worst views in the entire ballpark. Half of right field and half of center field are completely obstructed by incredibly ill-advised...

    • "No view of left field"

      (Section 201) - -

      Probably gets better when you're lower and farther left, but the view here is no good.

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