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Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

The Astros did a great job playing the elements in the upper deck at Minute Maid Park. Although many of the seats down the line are an incredible distance from home plate, they are well covered from the sun. Additionally, men's, women's and family restrooms are never too far away, which is unusual for upper deck seating.

Choose seats in the first couple of rows and you'll get a view similar to terrace level fans who paid much more. Avoid sections 430-438 if you want to see the scoreboard.  - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Completely obstructed view"

      (Section 408) - -

      Completely obstructed view of the pitcher's mound and home plate by the stair rail leading up to the section.

    • "The seats were fine, the view was good. More walking than I wanted to do though"

      (Section 427) - -

      We had a good view of the field from our seats. The crowd around us was a lot of fun, and the go food and atmosphere of stadium were stellar as usual. Go Astros!

    • "Good view of the field, but......"

      (Section 411) - -

      These are good seats if it were not for the constant flow of people coming and going to their seats throughout the game. I would say we spent about 1/4 to 1/3 of the game not being able to see the pitch to the plate. We will never sit in these seats again.

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