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"Slightly obstructed but ticket doesnt say that"

Seat Review From Section 232, Row SS, Seat 15
Jun 2014


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    Close to Royals dugout above the walkway

    Aug 2015

    Section 232, Row EE

    Good way to sit on the Royals side without paying the big bucks to be directly behind the dugout. There is a bit of activity moving up and down the stairs and in the walkway, but you're above it enough where it's not too distracting. Seats are just on the edge of being covered - but they're not. You have to sit up a couple rows to avoid the rain.

    Cleveland Indians at Kansas City Royals - Jul 25, 2019

    Jul 2019

    Section 232, Row AA   Verified Customer

    • "Great view but watch out for the walkway traffic"

      (Section 216) - -

      Way better view than expected. The elevation really helps cut down on the angle. You're not covered in AA like you would be higher up, but you have good access to the walkway. Too good sometimes. You will have people walking across fairly often. I would sit up a row of three otherwise it is kind ...

    • "One of the best views in the ballpark"

      (Section 224) - -

      The game is in a rain delay, so I'm just walking around through random sections. This might be the one I like most so far. You have an amazingly comfortable view without being too far from the field. The love makes you feel closer, but you're just a touch higher up. These seats were 100% dry, ...

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