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Kauffman Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Crown Club Seats - The most expensive and sought-after tickets to a Royals game are found in the Crown Club seats behind home plate. This premium seating area is made up...
  • Diamond Club Seats - Diamond Club seats for a Royals game are located just behind the Crown Club Seats with outstanding views of the field from behind home plate. Dia...

Royals Ticket Information

2023 Royals tickets

The 2023 Royals tickets guide includes the season schedule, ticket price information and the best options for buying tickets.

Craft and Draft Seating

inside the craft and draft
  • Craft and Draft Seating - Most ballparks these days have a beer-focused social space, and that trend began with Kauffman Stadium's Craft and Draft. This area is located on the ...

Dugout Boxes Seating

section 120, row d seat view  - kauffman stadium
  • Dugout Boxes Seating - Also known as Dugout Box seats, Sections 116-125 and 130-139 make up infield seating on the 100 level. The Royals dugout is situated in front of 136-1...

Field and Outfield Boxes Seating

  • Field and Outfield Boxes Seating - On the Field Level, sections near the outfield are known as Field Boxes and Outfield Boxes. These seats offer Field Level views at a lesser price than...

Fountain Seats

fountain seats at the k
  • Fountain Seats - Fountain Seats at Kauffman Stadium are only sold to fans on a walk-up basis (no advance ticket sales). These seats offer an up-close look at Kauffman ...

Royals Dugout & Visitor Dugout

royals dugout kauffman stadium
The Royals dugout at Kauffman Stadium is located on front of sections 133-136.

Royals Dugout - The Royals players sit in front of Section 133, Section 134 and Section 135

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 119, Section 120, Section 121 and Section 122

Loge Level Seating

kauffman stadium shade
  • Loge Level Seating - On the Kauffman Stadium seating chart, sections labeled in the 300s make up the Loge Level. Each of these sections has just ten rows with an entrance ...

Pepsi Party Porch Seating

  • Pepsi Party Porch Seating - The Pepsi Party Porch at Kauffman Stadium is back in a big way. This revamped and upgraded area located in right field promises an exceptional front-r...

Plaza Level Seating

plaza level shade section 232
  • Plaza Level Seating - Directly above 100 Level Seats at Kauffman Stadium is Plaza Level seating. Each Plaza Level section is labeled in the 200s and contains roughly 20 row...

Rivals Sports Bar Seating

Rivals Bar at Kauffman Stadium
  • Rivals Sports Bar Seating - The Rivals Sports Bar at Kauffman Stadium is an open-air area located in right-field above sections 250-252. There are three different options for enj...

Standing Room Only

sro spaces at kauffman
  • Standing Room Only - Standing Room (SRO) tickets for Royals games offer fans a cheap option for getting into Kauffman Stadium. An SRO ticket does not come with a reserved...

View Level Seating

section 419, row j seat view  - kauffman stadium
  • View Level Seating - The cheapest tickets for a Royals game are found in seats on the View Level. This includes sections 401-439. This is an expansive seating area that in...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Kauffman Stadium Covered Seats
  • Shaded and Covered Seats - Shaded Seats at Kauffman Stadium Finding Shade in the Early Afternoon  Especially in the summertime, Kansas City is well known for its heat...

Kauffman Stadium Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

When it comes to ballpark shape, sitelines and seating levels, Kauffman Stadium is a fairly traditional ballpark by today's standards. The stadium is relatively symmetric without any major quirks or obstructed views to worry about. Generally speaking, when it comes to getting the best view, you tend to get what you pay for.

As with most ballparks, the most desirable views are located behind home plate. These include Crown seats at field level, 100 level sections, lettered Diamond Boxes and seats on the 400 Level. Among these options, the seats on the View (400) Level are far-and-away the cheapest tickets. You'll also find that these are the only seats behind home plate that do not look through the protective netting. Instead, you'll have an entirely clear bird's eye view of the view and a head-on look at the videoboard. For the best overall experience, sit below row M and start your search with tickets in sections 418-422.

If you're looking at tickets in 100 level sections behind home plate and on the infield, the best views will come from sections 119-135. Specifically, we recommend the last six rows in these sections, labeled S-X. While you won't be right up against the field, these rows offer a little bit of elevation so you can see side-to-side without turning your neck constantly. Similar views can be found in Diamond sections A-F and the front rows of nearby 200s sections - but the Diamond Boxes come with a higher price-tag and there is a lot of distracting foot traffic in front of the 200s sections.

For fans looking for an all-around comfortable experience, the loge level offers excellent views and excellent protection from the elements. These seats slightly overhang the sections below so that the front rows are closer to the field than the back rows of the 200s - and all loge seats feel closer to the field than you might expect. The seats down the line don't offer the best angle towards home plate, so we recommend aiming for sections 306-317 as a first choice.

Among seats to avoid at a Royals game, there are three items to consider:

  • Outfield seats - especially those in right field - are exceptionally sunny. Especially in the late afternoon and early evening while the sun is setting, there will be a strong glare looking towards home plate.
  • The same rows in 200s sections that provide the best cover will also have somewhat-limited views due to the overhang. Sit in rows NN or below for the best views.
  • The upper deck is one of the largest in the major leagues - and rows at the top are way up there. Unless you're attending a playoff game or have to be out of the sun, sitting above row HH in the 400s sections is strongly discouraged.

Rows H-L in Sections Section 418, Section 419, Section 420 and Section 421

  • Birds eye view of the entire field from behind home plate
  • Simply comfortable views with excellent access to the view level concourse so trips are short and you can get back to watching the game
  • Head-on view to the videoboard makes it easy to see replays and keep up on stats

Rows S-X in Sections Section 119, Section 120, Section 121 and Section 122

  • Brilliant views from the infield
  • These rows are just in front of the walkway so you have easy access to the concourse without the distraction of fans walking in front of you
  • Completely unobstructed views of the entire field scoreboard

Sections Diamond Box A, Diamond Box B, Diamond Box C and Diamond Box D

  • Excellent elevation for seeing from foul line to foul line with comfort
  • Perfect location behind home plate
  • Exclusive amenities as part of the diamond boxes, including lounge access and wait service

Sections Section 306, Section 307, Section 308 and Section 309

  • Excellent elevation and overhanging the 200 level makes you feel right on top of the field
  • Little concern about sun and rain so you can keep watching the game even through the elements
  • Closer to the field than the last rows of the 200s sections

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Reserved seating inside the Diamond Club. These tables are fully covered and shaded and come with wait service.
These Diamond Club boxes feature four chairs to a ledge with phenomenal views of the action from behind home plate.

Sections Crown 1, Crown 2, Crown 3 and Crown 4

  • Great views from directly behind home plate
  • Exclusive club amenities, including wait service, club access and complimentary food and beverages
  • Widely regarded as the best seats at a Royals game.

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Best Seats for Kids and Family

Kauffman Stadium is highly regarded as a family-friendly destination for baseball fans in Kansas City. The Royals offer a number of family days with special promotions and have even built a field for kids within Kauffman Stadium.

If you know you want to bring the family along to a Royals game but are undecided as to which game to go to, consider Friday night and Sunday afternoon games first. From May through August, Friday nights at the K become fireworks nights. The Royals put on an awe-inspiring display of fireworks that shoot off over center field. On these nights, you'll want to avoid seats in the outfield and far down the line. We recommend sections behind home plate on the 400 level for the best views and a little lighter dent on the wallet.

Another consideration for a family outing is to attend a Sunday afternoon game. The crowds at these games is usually less inebriated than you would find on a Friday and Saturday night. Furthermore, all kids 14 and younger can run the bases after the game. For these games - and all afternoon games - pay close attention to the weather. Kauffman Stadium is one of the hottest stadiums in the country and sitting in the right row can make the difference between a pleasant afternoon and a painful sunburn.

The third base side is the less sunny side of Kauffman Stadium. The sun will set behind these sections - making them the first to get the shade. Loge sections on this side of the field (303-311) are the absolute best way to stay out of the sun. These seats are fully covered and most rows will be shaded - no matter where the sun is. When the forecast is expected to be hot, ticket prices in these sections skyrocket - but we tend to think they're worth it.

Other considerations for shade include the upper rows of sections 209-225 and 403-415. Between these two options, the 200 level seats are far superior in nearly every aspect (closer to the field, better shade, better accessibility) but also come with a much higher ticket price.

If you're going to the game on a non-fireworks day and the weather will be bearable, consider sitting in the Sonic Slam seats in Sections 101-103. These seats are in home run territory, and each time a Royals player hits a blast into these sections, all fans seated here win a free Sonic Slush and Sonic gift card. These sections are also situated just in front of the fountains and the Outfield Experience.

The main feature of the Outfield Experience (located behind left field seats) is Little K - a miniature ballpark built for kids. Little ones are encouraged to hit, run and throw on the field before and during the Royals game. Other activities located nearby include mini-golf, batting practice and pitching practice.

Sections Section 101, Section 102 and Section 103

  • Close to to the Outfield Experience with the Little K field for kids
  • Sonic Slam seats just in front of the famed fountains
  • Cheapest ticket price on the lower level

Sections Section 414, Section 416, Section 418 and Section 422

  • Smallest sections in the upper level with fewer than 12 rows and fewer than 6 seats in most rows
  • Excellent view of the videoboard and Friday night fireworks
  • More affordable ticket price than seating on the lower levels

Sections Section 303, Section 304, Section 305 and Section 306

  • These loge sections offer the best shade and cover at Kauffman Stadium
  • Excellent views of the field and scoreboard to keep the kids engaged
  • Close to the family restroom at section 304

Rows LL-TT in Sections Section 214, Section 215, Section 216 and Section 217

  • Seats are fully covered and mostly shaded in the afternoon to keep the whole family cool
  • With the section entrance at the top of each section, the higher rows make for quicker trips for food and washroom breaks
  • Just a short walk from the Outfield Experience in left field - an area full of fun activities for kids

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

The view from the right field patio. Get there early to secure a hightop table and chairs.
The Bullpen Bar located in the outfield. Good spot to hang out before the game to stay out of the sun.
The ever-popular Fountain Bar in left field
Looking at the Fountain Seats in left-centerfield. These seats are ideal for fans on a budget, those looking to be near the Fountain Bar or even those looking for a shot at a home run ball.
Down the third baseline on the Loge Level, fans will find the Craft and Draft section. Featuring a variety of beers, atypical seating and plenty of shade, this is one of the best places to enjoy a Royals game with friends.
Inside the ever-popular Craft and Draft area. Note the high-back wooden seating, cupholders and ledges.
One of the most popular areas for standing room only at Kauffman Stadium is in right-center behind the fountains. These spaces offer a decent view of the game and are close to a variety of bars.
The outfield party plaza above sections 104-106 in left field.
Located in right field is Rivals Bar where fans can hang out and grab a drink.

Craft and Draft

  • More than 75 craft and local beers
  • Large pavilion for socializing before and during the game
  • General seating on benches for easy-in and out

Rivals Tables

  • Open-air bar area with TVs, pub menu, signature cocktails and a variety of beer choices
  • Snag a single seat at the bar rail or an entire table for a group of four
  • Also open to guests on a first-come, first-serve basis

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Partying and Socializing.

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

While Kansas City may not be top-of-mind as a vacation destination, Kauffman Stadium offers out-of-town baseball fans a good ballpark, plenty of in-stadium watering holes and ticket prices affordable on nearly any budget.

If you're coming to the K to cheer on the opposing team, you'll want to target tickets in the first few rows of sections 119-122. Row A is the first row in each of these sections and is directly behind the visitor dugout. Unfortunately, these seats require a relatively long walk to concessions and restrooms. If convenience is important to you, section 119 will keep you close to your favorite team and close to the field level concourse tunnel.

Another consideration for fans of the visiting team are seats in right field above the visitor bullpen. Sections 150-152 are all within four rows of the visitor bullpen - giving you a chance to watch the pitchers as they warm up. Given the small size of these sections, tickets might be difficult to come by. If that's the case, sections 250-252 are just above the walkway from 150-152 - but don't have much of a view of the bullpen. If purchasing a ticket in right field, just keep in mind that these are among the sunniest (and hottest) seats in all of baseball. Hats, sunglasses and other sun protection are essential.

One advantage of sitting in the sunny outfield seats is close proximity to a number of features on the outfield concourse. Near the visitor bullpen are the Bud Patio and Bullpen Bar. The area around Kauffman Stadium offers very little in the way of pre-game hot-spots, so we recommend grabbing a drink in one of the outfield bars and keeping an eye on batting practice. If you arrive early enough, you should be able to grab a covered and shaded spot in one of the bars in right field.

As you make your way from right to left field around the outfield concourse, you'll pass a series of fountains, which are the signature trademark of Kauffman Stadium. Another popular pre-game destination - the Fountain Bar - is located in left field near sections 201-203.

If you're visiting Kansas City for a baseball trip, you'd be remiss to skip out on the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Just a ten-minute drive from the Royals Stadium, the museum offers highly recommended exhibits for a low $10 admission fee.

Rows A-J in Sections Section 119, Section 120, Section 121 and Section 122

  • Within ten rows of the visitor dugout
  • Excellent view of the infield and the batter-pitcher exchange

Sections Section 150, Section 151, Section 152 and Section 250

  • Close to the visitor bullpen - located above sections 150, 151 and 152
  • Close proximity to pre-game bars, including the patio and bullpen bar
  • Near the outfield concourse where you can tour the fountains and check out the Outfield Experience

Craft and Draft

  • Best new place to drink and eat - an experience unique to Kauffman Stadium
  • Excellent spot to grab one of 70 different beers and an artisan pizza
  • Ticketed and non-ticketed seating options in a shaded and covered area of the loge level

Seating Tips & Advice

  • "Highly recommend the Diamond Club." - We were in the Diamond Club, it was great. Great view of the batter and pitcher. Highly recomended

Kauffman Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Best Seats in the K During Summer Day Games" - - If you're attending a Royals game on a hot (or damp) Kansas City afternoon, the Loge Level (300 Sect...
    Section 311, Row B, Seat 1
  • "Crown Club Have to be the Best Seats for a Royals Game" - - I love visiting Kauffman Stadium and exploring the different areas of the ballpark, but this was my ...
    Crown 1, Row E
  • "Very Pleased With These Seats" - - This was a Saturday night game with the White Sox in town, and there wasn't an empty seat to be foun...
    Section 419, Row J, Seat 7
  • "If I could have these seats for season tickets I could die a happy man." - - These seats are the first row of the second section of lower infield seats. Great view of the game. ...
    Section 215, Row AA, Seats 8&9
  • "If only I could get these seats as season tickets, I could die a happy man." - - These seats are the first row of the second section of lower infield seats. Great view of the game. ...
    Section 215, Row AA, Seats 8&9
  • "Good spot for pregame autographs" - - Absolutely drenched during a rainy game, and then absolutely steamy once the rain cleared and the su...
    Section 117, Row C
  • "Right center standing room" - - For a Sunday afternoon game, the center field standing room area was about 1-2 people deep. Wasn't t...
    Standing Room Only
  • "Awesome outfield seats" - - The good: great view of the whole field. Really, it is one of the best outfield views I've seen in a...
    Section 102, Row C, Seat 4
  • "Great view but watch out for the walkway traffic" - - Way better view than expected. The elevation really helps cut down on the angle. You're not cover...
    Section 216, Row AA, Seat 1
  • "One of the best views in the ballpark" - - The game is in a rain delay, so I'm just walking around through random sections. This might be the o...
    Section 224, Row NN
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    Other Photos From Kauffman Stadium

    concourse tunnel
    Concourse tunnels are located intermittently throughout the lower level. These tunnels are located in the walkway between 100 and 200 level seats.
    right field patio
    The view from the right field patio. Get there early to secure a hightop table and chairs.
    left field party plaza
    The outfield party plaza above sections 104-106 in left field.

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