Angel Stadium

"Too close to the foul pole"

Seat Review From Section 103, Row B, Seat 7
Sep 2014


If all I cared about was just being close to the field and the left fielder, this seat would have been great! But unfortunately the views are nothing to write home about. The enormous foul pole was staring me right in the face, and divided the field into a left and right half. It was very cool to get to the seats early and be so close to all the players warming up in left field, but that wears off quickly when trying to actually watch what is going on in the infield.
I was turned to the right most of the time as the seats had me looking at right center field instead of towards the infield, and while I was very close to the field level for an exciting vantage point it was hard to follow everything from being so low. It was a very fun experience being this close and I would definitely recommend it once, but an avid fan will probably want to sit higher and further from the foul pole to enjoy the entire game.

Best for... bringing the family, being close to the action

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, climbing stairs is difficult

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