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Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 216 are labeled 1-13
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 13

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  • Section 216 Reviews

    Worst concert sound I ever heard!

    Oct 2017

    Concert Review
    Section 216, Row 1, Seat 16

    Although the view was pretty good, this is by far the worst sound I've ever experienced at a concert. It was just a messy wall of sound. It was more like noise than sound. My friend and I had trouble discerning what the instruments were doing. I couldn't recognize some of the songs. The roof was closed, maybe it affected the sound, but there is no reason in 2017 to have sound that is that bad. I will never attend another concert at Rogers Centre. Over $200 for tickets to a light show. Extremely disappointed.

    Good View for Concerts

    Aug 2017

    Concert Review
    Section 216, Row 1, Seat 107

    No people standing in front of you since you are on the first row. A little obstruction to the view is the audio and light system, but this changes in every concert. Otherwise its a good position.

    • 200 Level


      The 200 Level at Rogers Centre is a preferred option among guests who want a comfortable view and a smaller crowd. These elevated sections each have fewer than 15 rows with an entrance at the top. 200 Level For Baseball Games  On the Blue Jays seating chart, these sections are described as Infield, Bases or Outfield. While seats closer to home plate are better seats, the shape of the seating bowl pushes them farther away from the field. Fans can find good value in seats down the line (e.g.: 232-236) where sitelines are nearly as good. The second deck of seating in the outfield at Rogers Centre is in home run range. In fact, it's a great place to hang out during batting practice. Section 239 in LF and 208 in RF will afford you the best opportunity at a ball. Besides for the chance at a home run ball, these outfield seats offer little else. Concessions and restrooms are sparse and the videoboard in center field may as well not even be there. 200 Level for Concerts  While these seats are very good for baseball games, they're not ideal for a concert. Seats behind home plate have an excellent head-on view of the stage, but they're pretty far away. As you move away from home plate, the seats are closer to the stage, but they are angled away from it. Unless you're getting a great deal in the comfortable Clubhouse Seats behind home plate, we recommend skipping this seating area for concerts. 

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Amazing view amazing location, easy access"

      (Section 211) - -

      You can see the whole stage, all members and instruments. No GA fans in your line of sight. Up high enough to see everything up close without zooming in for pics. Directly located to the exit for easy smoke break access. More intimate sound quality as you are close to the stage not way up hig...

    • "Great view"

      (Section 214) - -

      Front row in the second deck, 1st base side. Excellent view of the whole field.

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