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Rogers Centre hosts some of Canada's biggest concerts. And if you're looking for the best seats for one of these shows, you're going to want to sit in the Field/Floor seats. These sections are located directly on the turf and bring your closer than any other area in the ballpark.

Field Seats Layouts

Each Rogers Centre concert has a different seating chart for Field Seats. More often than not, the stage is placed in deep center-field and there are three tiers of Field seating.

Front Field seats are usually labeled with the letter "A" (e.g.: A1) and are the closest seats to the stage. Fans pay top dollar to be at the front and center of these sections.

Middle and Rear Field sections are usually labeled with a "B" and "C". Because seating on the Field is flat, guests who purchase tickets in these sections run the risk of being blocked by guests in front of them. This is a common complaint, and we recommend steering clear of this area if you are worried about being obstructed.

General Admission Tickets

Some concerts at Rogers Centre have general admission sections on the Field. These are often placed near the stage and are usually labeled GA Pit or GA Field. A ticket in one of these sections gets you access to a standing room area where there are no seats and the energy level tends to be the highest.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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