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Section 225 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 225 are labeled 1-18
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 18

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  • Section 225 Reviews

    The first row is terrible!

    May 2014

    Section 225, Row 1, Seat 22

    Interestingly, when I purchased these tickets on StubHub, there were no seller notes. But when I got the ticket, it said "limited view: foot traffic" on it. StubHub seller's are required to report such notes, so I'm not sure why it wasn't listed. Anyways, if you are a larger individual, you do probably want to sit in the front row. The legroom is unrivaled and you don't have to walk any stairs. If you're anyone else, sit in row 3 or higher. My seat was on the left aisle (away from homeplate), and I moved within an inning and a half. The foot traffic was bad, but it wasn't the worst thing. The railing really blocks your view. It's at eye level, pretty much no matter what height you are. It's incredibly frustrating. I got the garlic fries, which were horrible. They were just like the non-garlic fries - no flavor at all (admittedly, I do like a ton of garlic). The churro guy was really nice, but the churro I had was hard/stale, so I didn't even finish it. Bathrooms were really close, and I was surprised to see that they were troughs. The view of the field is alright once you get past row 1, but you are pretty far away from the field.

    Better than Row 1, not as good as Row 3

    May 2014

    Section 225, Row 2

    My ticket was for Row 1, but I sat here for a few batters since my Row 1 view was completely blocked by the railing. I ended up in Row 3, because that's where the view really gets a lot better. Row 2 is just OK. When I sat back in my chair, 3B and part of the left side of the infield was blocked by the railing. That was too much of an annoyance for me. Fortunately, this section was only about half-filled and I could sit a coupe rows higher. If you do buy a ticket here, don't expect to move to better seats. The ushers were walking up and down each section, checking tickets in the first three rows in every section on the 200 level. I've never had to show my ticket in such bad seats so many times.

    Not Good

    Sep 2014

    Section 225, Row 17, Seats 3-5

    If you can't be in small places then don't get these seats. Or if like to watch the screen for updates don't get these seats.

    • Plaza Level


      The Plaza Level at RingCentral Coliseum is made up of 200 level seating. Sections 210-224 are commonly referred to as Plaza Infield, while all other sections are known as Plaza Outfield. Most Plaza Infield sections have just 12 rows of seats with an entrance at the front. Outfield sections have 18 rows - also with an entrance at the front. If you're looking for shade or cover in these sections, you have two options: Rows 12 and above are covered The highest rows in sections behind home plate are shaded first Other Plaza Level Considerations  If you're bringing kids, consider sitting near Section 220. The Stomper Fun Zone is located here and provides an interactive area for kids to test their baseball skill. Food and restrooms are scarce the farther you get from home plate. In fact, there's only one food stand that serves the last seven sections down each line. This means a longer walk for you and long lines once you get there. The same thing is true among restrooms. There's only one men's and women's restroom serving the last 12 sections down each line. 

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