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Will seats in Section 217 have good shade at Yankee Stadium?

I have tickets in Row 19, Seats 17-20 and wondering if they are in the shade for the afternoon of July 18.  Thank You.

Jul 2015

Answered by Keith at RateYourSeats.com...

For a 1:05PM start in July, seats in Section 217 Row 19 will have very good shade due to their northeast facing seating position, as well as the roof just above which provides overhead coverage starting around Row 14. Seats near the back of the section will have some of the best protection from the sun, so we recommend opting for Rows 17 and higher.

Shaded seating in Section 217 at Yankee Stadium
Section 217 will have very good shade near the back of the section (opt for seats in Rows 17-23)

Asked July 05, 2015 for New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners on Jul 18, 2015

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