Yankee Stadium

Which sections at Yankee Stadium are covered?

We don't want to get wet if it starts to rain.

Jun 2014

Answered by Steve at RateYourSeats.com...

The best place to sit in a covered area at Yankee Stadium will be in Rows 6 and higher in the upper tier Grandstand Level (Sections 405-434). These seats are among some of the furthest views in the ballpark, but have the best coverage provided by the roof at the very top of the stadium.

If you prefer to sit lower to the field, covered seating can also be found in Rows 16 and higher in Sections 205-217 and 223-234.

The bleachers are the worst place to look for covered seating as there are a lot of fully exposed seats in this area.

Roof provides good coverage at the top of the Grandstand Level at Yankee Stadium (CreativeCommons)

The overhanging 300 level seats provide coverage at the top of the 200 level sections (CreativeCommons

Asked June 02, 2014 for New York Yankees vs. Oakland Athletics on Jun 4, 2014

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