Minute Maid Park

What section is best to see into the Visitor Bullpen at Minute Maid Park?

Jul 2013

Answered by RateYourSeats.com staff...

The visitor's bullpen at Minute Maid is difficult to see as it is behind the left-center field wall. It can only be seen through the outfield wall, so there are no sections that get a particularly good view of it. The best option would be to sit in the Crawford Box in section 100 because then you may be able to look over your shoulder and through the wall into the bullpen.

View from Section 100 at Minute Maid Park
This is the view of the field from Section 100 at Minute Maid Park, looking to the left will allow viewers to see the visitor bullpen.

Asked July 30, 2013 for New York Yankees at Houston Astros on Sep 29, 2013

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