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Section 330 at Oracle Park


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Section 330 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 330 are labeled A-D, 1-18
  • There is a walkway betweeen Rows D and 1
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row E
  • When looking towards the field/field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 330 Reviews

    Down the line, OK view

    May 2014

    Baseball Review
    Section 330, Row 6, Seat 6

    Sitting down the line in the upper deck isn't exactly my favorite place to sit at a baseball game. The view is never that great and the seats are just a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, the seats are slightly angled towards home plate -- which is a big help -- but the view is definitely below average so far down the line. The view in Row 6 is almost always better than the first 3 rows in the upper deck, though. The first three rows have to deal with the glass protecting the stairs. You can comfortably see over that obstruction in row 6. Food nearby is more what you expect at a ballpark -- not nearly as good as what you can find on the lower level in center field. Perhaps the best thing about the seats is that the section is pretty close to a set of stairs that take you out of the stadium the back way and lead right out onto King St. Just walk towards Section 327 when you leave, and you'll be among the first people out of the ballpark. It's also a shortcut to the Promenade Level where you can load up on he great food! For the $6 I paid, not bad for bringing a big group or for just hanging out and spending money on beer instead.

    • View Level


      The View Level at Oracle Park refers to all 300 Level sections. The name for these seats does not refer to views of the field. Rather, it refers to views of the surrounding landscape. Many seats have beautiful views of the bay and/or mountains. View Box Seats  The lettered rows in each View Level section are also referred to as View Box. These aren't actual box seats with amenities. But they are located at the front of each section which means they have closer views and shorter walks to the concourse. View Reserve Seats  Numbered rows in each section are known as View Reserve. These rows are located up the stairs from the section tunnel. These seats have the most impressive views of the Bay Area - especially on the third base side. Sunny Seats The sunniest seats at Oracle Park are View Level sections in left field. Specifically, sections 332-336 are directly in the sun in the late afternoon and should be avoided at that time. 

    • View Level Corner (Football)


      View Level Corner seats behind home plate in sections 314-321 offer a great view of the SF Bay, though the seats are farthest away from the football field. Most sections have 18 rows labeled 1-18. 

    • View Level Outfield (Baseball)


      Outfield view level sections will have some of the furthest views of the field, and seats on the third base side will be exposed to the sun for the longest during day games. Sections closer to the infield on the left field side will have the best views of McCovey Cove, while the right field side will have better views of the Bay Bridge and scoreboard in left center field. Lettered rows (A-G) in the view level are also known as View Box seats, while numbered rows are View Reserve. Neither area receives special amenities or benefits. 

    • For Baseball - Recommended For Outstanding Convenience


      These seats were hand-selected for being close to a wide-range of amenities. They are within five rows of the concourse (fewer stairs) and there is a men’s restroom, women’s restroom and concessions near this section.

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