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The View Level at Oracle Park refers to all 300 Level sections. The name for these seats does not refer to views of the field. Rather, it refers to views of the surrounding landscape. Many seats have beautiful views of the bay and/or mountains.

View Box Seats

The lettered rows in each View Level section are also referred to as View Box. These aren't actual box seats with amenities. But they are located at the front of each section which means they have closer views and shorter walks to the concourse.

View Reserve Seats

Numbered rows in each section are known as View Reserve. These rows are located up the stairs from the section tunnel.

These seats have the most impressive views of the Bay Area - especially on the third base side.

Sunny Seats

The sunniest seats at Oracle Park are View Level sections in left field. Specifically, sections 332-336 are directly in the sun in the late afternoon and should be avoided at that time.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Perfect view Of the field. Stunning view of the bay"

      (Section 311) -
    • "View Box 327"

      (Section 327) - -

      Great seats at a reasonable price. The only issue is the railing in front of you, but you get over that quickly. Nobody in front of you, and only 4 rows in this View Box. Restrooms close by, beers close by, concessions close by.

    • "Great View However...."

      (Section 325) - -

      The View Box Seats front row are nice once you get used to the railing in front of you. It's a great view. Row A gives a lot of leg room, but this section, especially in Row A, had a garbage smell wafting in the air. It was almost like rotting sauerkraut. The view and comfort were great, but the sea...

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