Shaded Seats at Oracle Park

sunny day oracle park
A sunny day game at Oracle Park

Each year the Giants play more than a dozen afternoon home games. Most of these are 12:45 and 1:05 p.m. start times in June and July. Although the Bay Area isn't known for stifling hot temperatures, the sun still shines as bright as in Southern California. Fortunately, there are several shaded seats at Oracle Park that can keep you out of the direct sun while still allowing you to enjoy an afternoon outside.

Best Options on the 100 Level

Oracle Park is a traditional stadium with a lower level, a club level, and an upper deck. Lower level sections are labeled in the 100s, and most of these sections (except for the outfield) do contain seats in the shade.

When looking at tickets in these sections, focus on rows 30 and higher. These are roughly the last ten rows in each section and they have the highest likelihood of being shaded for early afternoon games in the middle of summer.

First Base Sections

Shade comes to the first base side earlier than the third base side. As such, you'll find that as the game wears on, Sections 103-112 have more rows in the shade than similar seats on the other side of the field (119-132). If you don't mind spending the first few innings in the sun, you can purchase tickets in a lower row (rows in the 20s) on the first base side and wait it out.

The "waiting it out" strategy works well on the first base side, but not on the third base side - especially as you move farther down the line. For instance, sections 127-135 will lose shade as the game moves into the later innings. It's not uncommon for fans to be comfortably shaded in the first three innings, only to wind up in the sunniest part of the ballpark 30 minutes later.

Are Club Level Seats Shaded?

The Oracle Park Club Level seats are among the most popular tickets to a Giants game - especially for fans looking to avoid the elements. In particular, these seats are popular among fans who wish to avoid the infamous wind that blows in from the Bay. The Club Level is generally well-protected from the wind and provides a safe-haven lounge to escape to if conditions are sub-par.

oracle park club level shade
Club level seats in the shade for a Giants game

The wind is not as much of a nuisance for afternoon games as the sun. However, there are shaded seats on the Club Level. Sections 202-211 are well-shaded - even for 1 p.m. games. The amount of shade depends heavily on the month of the year. But if you choose tickets in rows F and higher, you'll be shaded for most games throughout the year. You'll also be a few steps closer to the indoor club at the top of each section.

As with the lower level, club level seats on the third base side are more susceptible to the sun. The farther away from home plate, the higher your chances of sun exposure. Your odds grow even greater as the day passes and the sun moves behind home plate. Especially in sections 224-232, choose the highest row possible for the longest duration of shade.

View Level Seats Out of the Sun

oracle park view of bay
The View Level is named for its outstanding views of the surrounding scenery

Also known as the View Level, the 300s sections at Oracle Park are known for their gorgeous views of the landscape. To some, there's no better place to be than in the upper deck on a sunny day - watching the sailboats in the bay and seeing the hills in the background. To others, the direct sun is unwelcome.

If you're in the second group of fans - and you want views of the bay without the exposure to the sun - your options are somewhat limited. The roof cover only protects the last 7 rows in each section - and even covered seats can be in the sun.

Our recommendation for shaded seats in the upper deck is to purchase tickets in a double-digit row of sections 302-315. Rows 10 and higher of these sections are the first on this level of seating to get shade for 12:45 and 1:00 games.

When purchasing tickets in these upper rows, be mindful of some of the drawbacks. As you might expect, you'll be sacrificing your view of the field in favor of shade. But you'll also be seated farther away from the section entrance. You'll have at least a few stairs to climb each time you enter and exit your section.

upper deck seats at oracle park
View Level seats on the third base side are only shaded in the highest rows

We recommend completely avoiding upper deck seats on the third base side if you want to stay out of the sun. The later innings can wreak sun-havoc on all but the very top rows in sections like 326-336. It's best to stay on the first base side or behind home plate in the 300 level.

Are Any of the Outfield Seats Shaded?

The outfield seats at Oracle Park are incredibly popular among fans who love a cheap ticket near the field and enjoy the famous concessions near center field. On the contrary, these seats are not popular among fans who are easily bothered by the weather.

outfield seats in the sun oracle park
Fans have a love-hate relationship with outfield seats at Oracle Park. If you're looking to avoid the sun, you'll want to avoid this area completely.

At night, outfield sections like 136-142 are among the windiest in the ballpark and it's not unusual for them to be 15-20 degrees cooler than seats on the infield. And during the day, these seats are the sunniest. It's common for them to be 15-20 degrees warmer than shaded seats. If this is where your seats are, plan ahead and bring the gear needed to survive all four seasons in one outing.

Covered Seats at Oracle Park

When looking for covered seats at Oracle Park, several options are available to ensure a more comfortable game-watching experience. Here's a summary of the covered seating areas:

  • Sections 103-112 and 119-135: Aim for rows 29 and higher
  • 300 Level: Rows 12 and higher
  • Club Level: Last few rows (K or higher) of sections 202-211 and 220-232

These seats offer coverage and protection, ensuring a comfortable game-watching experience.