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Section 135 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 135 are labeled 4-34, 39
  • There is no seating betweeen Rows 34 and 39
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 39
  • When looking towards the field/field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 135 Reviews

    Tight squeeze in a crowded section

    May 2014

    Baseball Review
    Section 135, Row 21, Seat 17

    I bought these tickets because they were the cheapest lower level options that were stadium seats (not bleacher style). Apparently I wasn't alone in that thought. These seats were pretty crowded even a full 45 minutes before first pitch -- and even before there were a lot of people seated in other sections. If you're sitting here and you're not on the aisle, grab food and drink early and get ready to sit tight for a while. My row had 24 seats, and I was in seat 17. It could have been worse. But even having to walk over a family with two stuffed backpacks in the row, it was pretty bad. When I left the section, I hopped over the seats to Row 22 where there were only three people. Sure enough, they also had a jumbo bag sitting on the ground that I had to step over. Point being, these are cheaper seats that get crowded and fill in with people who like to bring snacks and water in large bags. So if you're not a fan of being packed in, stay away. The view is just OK. The angle towards home plate is perfect, but you're still 350 feet away and the sun makes it a little tough to see in the early innings. The sun isn't shining on you, but it creates weird shadows that make it difficult to see the action. Once nightfall hits, it's easier to see. But then you have to deal with the wind and the cold. Food in the CF plaza is fantastic, but be prepared to wait. AT&T Park is pretty awesome, overall, but there are much better seats elsewhere in the stadium. If you are sitting in 135 or nearby, try to be close to the aisle for a little extra room and easy-in, easy-out.

    • Field Level Endzone (Football)


      Field Level Endzone seating includes bleacher seats in sections 136-142 and traditional seating in sections 102-119 and 132-135. Sections 107-110 and 117-119 are angled towards what is normally home plate, and do not offer the best angle for viewing football. Sections 136-140 and 105 are the closest seats to the field (back of the endzone). Sections 102-119 will have a far better view of the videoboard than the seats near the opposite endzone. 

    • Field Level Outfield (Baseball)


      Field level outfield gives fans a more affordable option for sitting on the lowest tier of Oracle Park. Some of Oracle park best seats for catching a foul are located in these sections. However you also have up to 42 numbered rows of seating making for long walks to and from restrooms and concessions.  There is very little structural protection from the sun in these sections, and the first base side will see the shade before the third base side during afternoon games.  Sections 132-134 in the left field corner are the only sections in this location that do not run all the way to the field. Instead, they begin behind sections 131 and 135.  

    • Lower Box Seats


      On the Oracle Park seating chart, Lower Box Seats refers to sections 101-135. Owing to their location near the field, these are some of the most sought-after seats for Giants games and concerts. Giants Lower Box Seats  Field Club Seats occupy the front rows of sections 107-124 Protective netting is located in front of every section The Giants dugout is on the third-base side Additional Notes  For football games, 121-131 are sideline seats A popular alternative to Field Seats for concertsClosest seats with elevation  Rows 30 and above are covered (most sections) Views from rows 35 and above may be disrupted by the overhang 

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