Yankee Stadium

"No Good For Shorter Fans"

Seat Review From Section 136, Row 1, Seat 11
Jun 2016


The main issue here is how high the outfield wall is near these seats closer to center field. I have sat in the front row of sections closer to the left field corner, and the wall is very short and doesn't cause any viewing problems. But from my front row seat in Section 136, the wall was very high and cuts off nearly half the outfield when sitting back comfortably in my seat.

I'm on the taller side at 6 feet, but have to imagine that these would be pretty miserable if I was just a few inches shorter. The legroom is crazy good which was nice for my height, but definitely not worth the awkward view which made me wish I could stand for the entire game.

One neat thing about sitting here is how close you are the visitors bullpen. You can get a really good look into the bullpen when entering the row from the aisle at the left side of the row.

Best for... being close to the action, Catching a home run

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you do not want a sun burn

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    The Visiting Team Bullpen is to the Left of Section 136

    Section 136

    Sit in a higher number seat to be up against the wall overlooking the visiting team bullpen.

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