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Each grandstand section has fourteen rows of seating, and there is a fairly significant difference between rows 1 and 14. Sitting in Row 1 will have you stepping to the concourse in moments, while seating in the last row contains 28 seats and a walk down more than a dozen stairs. On the flip side, The higher the row number, the higher the likelihood you will be in the shade. During the hot summer months, this could come as a blessing.

For a truly good deal, try to aim for Rows 5 or 6. There are fewer than 20 seats in these rows, they are only a few steps from the concourse, and you have a fairly good chance of being in the shade as long as your seats are in foul territory (outfield seating, especially in RF, is in the sun).

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  • Section 427, Row 9
    100/100 Deal Rating
    June 8 - Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
  • Section 413, Row 1
    100/100 Deal Rating
    May 24 - Kansas City Royals at New York Yankees
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  • Obstruction in Section 428, Row 3, Seat 1

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