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Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Each grandstand section has fourteen rows of seating, and there is a fairly significant difference between rows 1 and 14.

Sitting in Row 1 will give you the quickest access to the concourse and the best views from just above the Terrace Level.

Meanwhile, sitting in the last row requires you to walk more than a dozen stairs to get to your seats. And if you're not seated on the aisle, you might be in the middle of a row containing as many as 28 seats. On the flip side, the higher the row number, the higher the likelihood you will be in the shade. During the hot summer months, this could come as a blessing.

For a truly good deal, try to aim for Rows 5 or 6. There are fewer than 20 seats in these rows, they are only a few steps from the concourse, and you have a fairly good chance of being in the shade as long as your seats are in foul territory (outfield seating, especially in RF, is in the sun).   - RateYourSeats.com

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