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100 Level Side Seating at Little Caesars Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

Seats in the 100 level side sections are an excellent option for taking in an end stage show at Little Caesars Arena, especially if you prefer to not be on the floor. Seating here is configured in a typical stadium style layout, meaning you get elevation over the seats in front of you (something which you won't find when sitting on the floor).

Among the best options for watching an end stage show will be found in sections 107 and 124 thanks to the close proximity to the action. The views start to require a more noticeable head turn as you get further, with the seats in sections 111 and 120 having some of the more uncomfortable angles due to the seats being positioned directly across the floor (rather than pointed at the stage).

Sections here have as many as 24 rows of seating in each, and entry tunnels are located near row 18 for most. An additional bonus to these sections is that most feature small seating rows (no more than 10 seats in each row). The only larger rows are found in sections 109 and 122 which have as many as 20 seats per row.  -

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