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End-Stage Concerts With Reserved Seating

For a traditional end stage performance at Little Caesars Arena, the floor is typically divided into 8 different reserved seating sections. Closest to the stage are sections 1-3 which feature 14 numbered rows of seating, followed by sections 4-6 near the middle of the floor which are slightly larger with 17 numbered rows of seats. At the very back of the floor, sections 7 and 9 are the largest with 20 rows of seats.

For those who want to be right in line with the center of the stage during an end stage show, floor sections 2 and 5 are the place to be. Each of the rows here will have 14 seats in each, leaving the most head on views to those seated in seat numbers 7 and 8. Among some of the more underrated options on the floor are seats in the first row of floor section 5 which get an excellent head on view and will also have a bit more room due to the aisle just in front.

Should you find yourself sitting in one of the floor sections closer to the main bowl for a traditional end stage setup, selecting a seat number can be an important factor in how your view turns out. At the west side of the floor (sections 3, 6, and 9) fans will want to be in the lower numbered seats as this gets you closer to the center of the stage. Conversely, the higher numbered seats in sections on the east side of the floor (sections 1, 4, 7) will be the better option for a comfortable viewing angle.

Other Floor Layouts

Not all shows at Little Caesars Arena Center will feature a traditional end stage configuration, and it is not uncommon to find sections 1-3 and 4-6 extending further back on the floor, while sections 7 and 9 have far fewer rows.

A mixing booth can often be found in between floor section 7 and 9 near the back, and for some shows the entire floor can get transformed into a single general admission section with no folding chairs at all (standing room only).

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