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Gondola Boxes at Little Caesars Arena

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Features & Amenities

The Gondola Boxes at Little Caesars Arena are one of the most exciting seating options in the Motor City. Running along the west side and up near the roof of the building, a ticket here offers a unique opportunity to see a game or concert from an area that is suspended over the main seating bowls.

Sometimes referred to as the Gondala Club Seats, guests will be seated at a ledge in a semi-private box. Food and beverage are not explicitly included with each ticket, but catering packages are available and some tickets do come with all-inclusive concessions. When purchasing tickets, review the seller's notes to determine if food and drink is included.

Gondola Seat Views

Guests looking to get the best view of the court, ice or stage will want to look elsewhere. Because these seats float over the arena, the extreme aerial views will have you looking almost straight down at the action through a layer of safety glass. These seats are more about the experience than they are about seeing every detail at floor level.

These are two levels of Gondola seating. Sections 1 through 21 are located in the lower portion, while Gondola sections 22 through 34 are just above where the views are even steeper.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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