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Little Caesars Arena Mezzanine Level

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The Mezzanine Level at Little Caesars Arena is the second of three main seating bowls. This area circles the stadium and is located just above the main Suite Level and below the upper (200) level.

This is the smallest of the seating bowls with each section containing five or fewer rows. With a minimal number of rows, these seats are ideal for guests who don't wish to walk up and down a lot of stairs or be distracted by other fans doing the same.

For basketball and hockey games, Mezzanine sections 10-12 and 27-29 are the best of the bunch. These are located at center court for Pistons games and center ice for Red Wings games. For fans who want the most comfortable views of the action, these are tough to beat. Further, these center-most sections are part of the Mezzanine Sideline Club for most events, giving them even more amenities.

For concerts, Mezzanine sections 18-21 are located at the opposite end of the arena from a typical end-stage setup. The head-on view is comfortable, but some might complain that the view is just too far away. Other options for a concert include sections 8-12 and 27-31 which are closer to the stage but have a side view.

Additional notes:

  • M1-M7 and M32-M34 are behind the stage for most end-stage concerts
  • The Red Wings shoot twice towards the net in front of M15-M24

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    • "Good View"

      (Mezzanine 24) - -

      Mezzanine M24 (also known as DRM24-Drink Rail/Barstool) - Limited view appears to be from the safety plexiglass which separates suites/sections.

    • "Tampa Bay Lightning at Detroit Red Wings - Mar 8, 2020"

      (Mezzanine 26) -
    • "Very Good View of Near Net"

      (Mezzanine 32) - -

      The visiting team shoots twice in this direction, so if you're a Wings fan you might prefer the other end. Either way, you can see both nets without issue. Comfortable seats and easy to access from the concourse.

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