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Section 121 at Little Caesars Arena


Little Caesars Arena Section 121 View

Section 121 Seating Notes

  • These seats are located behind the Pistons bench
  • The Red Wings shoot twice towards this end of the ice
  • For hockey games, these seats are located behind the visitor bench
  • For hockey games, we recommend rows 1-11 for impressing a guest
  • For hockey games, we recommend rows 14-20 for great views of the ice
  • Select rows are part of the Players Club for Red Wings and Pistons games
  • Select rows are part of the Rehmann Club for Red Wings and Pistons games

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 121 are labeled 1-24
  • For hockey games, row 3 is usually the first row
  • Entrances to this section are located at Rows 4 and 18
  • When looking towards the ice/court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 121 Reviews

    • 100 Level Side (Concert)


      Seats in the 100 level side sections are an excellent option for taking in an end stage show at Little Caesars Arena, especially if you prefer to not be on the floor. Seating here is configured in a typical stadium style layout, meaning you get elevation over the seats in front of you (something which you won't find when sitting on the floor). Among the best options for watching an end stage show will be found in sections 107 and 124 thanks to the close proximity to the action. The views start to require a more noticeable head turn as you get further, with the seats in sections 111 and 120 having some of the more uncomfortable angles due to the seats being positioned directly across the floor (rather than pointed at the stage). Sections here have as many as 24 rows of seating in each, and entry tunnels are located near row 18 for most. An additional bonus to these sections is that most feature small seating rows (no more than 10 seats in each row). The only larger rows are found in sections 109 and 122 which have as many as 20 seats per row. 

    • 100 Level Sideline (Basketball)


      Sitting in the sideline sections of the 100 level offers some of the best views a fan could want during basketball game at Little Caesars Arena. All seats here keep you between the baselines which provides a more traditional viewing angle, and you will never need to worry about the basket impacting your line of sight.  On the west sideline (sections 120-124), fans will be closer to the team benches and scorers table. The best spots for Pistons fans will be either section 120 or 121 which are closer to the home team bench, while sections 123-124 are better suited for the opposing fans due the proximity to the visiting team bench. Seats on the east sideline are further from the benches, but do provide a more ideal head on angle to the players when they're not on the court. Sections on the 100 Level Sideline feature no more than 24 numbered rows of seating in each, with concourse entry tunnels available at row 18. Optimal views can be found when sitting in rows 10-18 as these seats provide good seating height above floor level, while keeping you at our below the entryway tunnel. 

    • 100 Level Sides (Hockey)


      Lower level seats along sides of the ice offer some of the best views for a hockey game at Little Caesars Arena, but can also be among the most expensive due to the abundance of premium seating. Fans seated in the first 11 rows of sections 121-123 not only find themselves as close as it gets to the team benches, but will also be a part of the ultra exclusive and all-inclusive Players Club during Red Wings home games. Other premium perks can be found in rows 12 and higher of sections 121-123 which are known as the West Club seats, or on the opposite side of the arena in any row of section 108, 109, or 110 which make up the East Club seats. For a more affordable outing, you will want to search in sections 106-107, 111-112, 119-120, or 124-125 as these seats don't come with any of the upscale benefits found in the seats closer to center ice. For the Wings fans, we recommend either section 110 or section 121 as you will be closer to the net where the home team shoots twice, and also have fewer seats per row than neighboring sections 112 and 119 allowing for easier access. With the concourse entry tunnels being located near the top of most the sections here, we recommend giving strong consideration to rows 13-18 which provide short walks to restrooms and concessions, while providing an excellent viewing height of the ice without being too close where the boards can distort the action at the further end. 

    • Players Club


      Access to the Players Club at Little Caesars Arena is as good as it gets in the Motor City. Generally regarded as the most upscale club for Pistons and Red Wings games, guests will enjoy an all-inclusive experience and exclusive amenities. If you have Players Club seats, you'll want to arrive early to take advantage of the club lounge and all its benefits. The lounge features high-top seating, table seating and additional furniture for dining and hanging out. Television monitors and food stations span the ends of the well-appointed club, which is highly regarded for it impressive design. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the club is its proximity to the players. All that separates you from the players tunnel is a glass wall, giving you an opportunity to see them up-close as they enter and exit. The Players Club is all-inclusive. In addition to a gourmet dining experience, guests will enjoy complimentary beer, wine and liquor. For Pistons games, only a limited number of fans will have access to the Players Club. This includes ticketholders in the first row of Courtside seeating, the first four rows of sections 121-123 and tickets labeled Super VIP. For Red Wings games, Players Club seats are nearly as exclusive. Only fans seated in rows x-z of sections 121-123 get access to the club and its amenities. 

    • Rehmann Club


      Rehmann Club seats at Little Caesars Arena are a more affordable option than the ultra-premium Players Club, and still offer great amenities which provide an upscale feel. For Red Wings and Pistons games, fans in the Rehmann Club will enjoy all-inclusive appetizers, entrees, and desserts. For drinks - draft beer and house wine are included with within the club. The club is appointed with table and bar-stool seating, making it a popular destination for dinner when gates open. Between periods of hockey games - and at halftime of Pistons games - the club usually fills up with guests wishing to grab a drink and another snack. Besides for dining tables, comfortable lounge seating and private restrooms make the club feel like home. For Pistons games, rows five and higher in sections 121-123 are considered Rehmann Club seats. These sections are located at the center of the arena and provide the absolute best views for a basketball game. Just below these seats to the right is the Pistons bench, while the visitors sit down and to the left. At Red Wings games, the upper rows of sections 121-123 receive Rehmann Club access. Because of their slight elevation, these seats offer arguably the best center ice view from the lower level. As an added bonus, the Red Wings sit just below sections 122 and 123, while the visiting team seats below 121 and 122. 

    • For Hockey - Recommended For Impressing a Guest


      Watch the players enter and exit the locker room from the Players Club lounge. Right behind the team benches and close to mid ice. All-inclusive experience

    • For Hockey - Recommended For Great Views of the Ice


      Excellent viewing angles from near mid ice . Good seating height for being able to see over the glass. Close to the concourse entry tunnels

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