Kauffman Stadium

"Really close to the field, great angle"

Seat Review From Section 141, Row E, Seat 8
Aug 2015


Good seats just a few rows from the field. You get a really good balance between seeing the outfield and the infield.

Pretty low to the field, which means the action will be moving pretty quickly. So keep alert for foul balls!

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    • "Very average for the lower level but great for seeing LF"

      (Section 110) - -

      Really exposed to the rain and the sun, so be careful xif you're sensitive to that. I didn't think the angle to home plate was very good, but if you're here to stare at Alex Gordon, you're in good shape. If just prefer to sit a bit higher so the angle is better.

    • "Kauffman Stadium is the most Beautiful Stadium in MLB"

      (Section 109) - -

      Great Seats! Beautiful Fountains! Nice Atmosphere!

    • "Great seats, felt like you were almost on the field "

      (Section 140) - -

      View was great!

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