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About These Seats

Seats down the baselines of the lower tier are the best spots for a chance at bringing home a foul ball souvenir. The views are not as spectacular as the sections between the corner bases, however prices are more affordable for a lower level ticket.

Sitting on the third base side will put the main scoreboard over your left shoulder making it more difficult to see, but will keep you closer to fun amenities such as the HHGregg Highlight Zone.

The first base side is the better scoreboard viewing location and also will provide less exposure to the sun. Opt for Rows EE and higher in Sections 134-137 for good overhead coverage and protection from the weather.

Seats closer to home plate in this area are also commonly known as Field Box, while those closer to the foul poles are known as Terrace Line.

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  • Section 112, Row D
    100/100 Deal Rating
    May 7 - San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds
  • Section 111, Row E
    95/100 Deal Rating
    September 24 - Boston Red Sox at Cincinnati Reds
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Showing tickets for Apr 3 - Philadelphia Phillies at Cincinnati Reds

Fan Ratings & Reviews

  • Favorite Seats: section 107 row FF seat 1

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  • Awesome!

    Section 134, Row C, Seats 7-8. Awesome! Long walk up to concession area though.

  • The Visitor Bullpen is to the Left of Section 139

    Sit in a higher number seat in Section 139 to be close to the visitor bullpen.

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