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Reds Handlebar tickets give fans access to what is now known as the Handlebar Presented by Hard Rock Casino. This includes an all-inclusive upscale buffet and six drink tickets per person along with unlimited Coke products.

These standing room only passes do not include a reserved seat with a view of the field, however will give you entry to the ballpark and the climate controlled Handlebar Club where you can enjoy watching the game on a 26 foot video wall while indulging in all the amenities.

Reds Handlebar Rail Seats

If you want to have a view of the field directly, opt for the Reds Handlebar Rail seats which give you a bar stool style seat in front of a railing which overlooks the field. Handlebar Rail ticketholders will also get to enjoy the all-inclusive offerings and access to the Handlebar Club lounge.

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    Baseball Handlebar Seating Chart at Great American Ball Park

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