Shaded Seats at Great American Ball Park

In the Early Afternoon

Great American Ball Park will see a lot of sun during a day game, leaving fans with few options for finding the shade during a Reds Game. Overhangs and roofs provide relief in some areas, while seats closer to the field will see more sun for a mid day first pitch.

So where is the best option for fans that want to be out of the sun? If your budget allows for the higher price tag, Club Sections down the first base line (301-305) will provide more shade than any other seating area, just be sure to sit in Row G and higher as the lower rows are more exposed. The upper seating deck also provides some shade near the very back, and while the view won't be great from Rows Q and up, you won't have to worry as much about a sunburn.

Shaded seating on the Club level at Great American Ball Park
On the second seating tier down the first base line, the Club sections are home to the best shade for a mid day start (photo credit: redlegsfan21 via Flickr)

Fans looking to stay out of the sun should avoid the seats beyond the right field wall at all costs, as there is little to prevent the sun from blaring right down on you. Field level seats down the third base line will also find little shade, and you'll be better off sitting in the back rows of the sections near the left field corner.

Events after 3:00

For an afternoon first pitch, seats along the first base line offer some of the best protection from the sun at Great American Ball Park. Fans can find shade on any seating level on this side of the stadium, while those on the third base side and in the outfield will struggle to find relief.

Club level and 500 level sections offer extensive shade starting at the first base dugout and running towards the right field corner. Even some seats in the highly exposed 400 level will see shade along this first base side (in the back half of the sections). For the fans that prefer a lower level view, you can find good shade starting near Row DD in Section 127, and running all the way down to Section 137.

Covered seating down the first base line at Great American Ball Park
The large overhang and east facing seats combine to create the best shade on the lower level in the sections down the first base line

Seats on the third base side unfortunately will not have the same protection, with some of the most exposed seats being located in the 400 level sections between the third base dugout and the left field corner. Whenever possible, opt for seating sections between home plate and right field if you prefer to be out of the sun for an afternoon game.

Covered Seats at Great American Ball Park

Regarding finding covered seats at Great American BallPark, some sections and rows provide protection from the elements. Here's a summary of the covered seating options:

  • 100 Level: In sections 101-105, coverage starts at Row J. Additionally, rows EE and above in sections 127-137, as well as rows KK and above in sections 108-112, offer covered seating options.
  • Club Seats: For those seated in the Club Level, rows G and above in sections 301-305 provide coverage, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.
  • 500 Level: On the left field side, rows L and above in sections 509-519 offer covered seating. Similarly, rows O and above in sections 520-537 also protect from the elements.