Fenway Park

"Pretty good seats if you don't mind the support poles"

Seat Review From Grandstand 10, Row 9, Seats 9-11
Jul 2015


For affordable seats, they weren't awful. The view of the diamond included a support pole, but it was strategically placed between the pitcher's mound and home plate, so you could see the throw and batter's response pretty well. If you wanted to see anything on the jumbo screen (replays or any other info displayed), forget it! There was a major pole obstruction so you could only see half of the screen. That was kind of annoying. I found the actual seat uncomfortable - even for Fenway Park seats! The seat was near the inside end of the row, so if fans to your left needed to get up, you would have to get up to let them in and out. Fortunately our neighbors only got up once. All in all - for the price - the seats weren't bad.

Best for... watching the game, fans on a budget, being in the shade

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    Unobstructed infield views from Rows 1 and 2

    Grandstand 10, Row 1-2

    Sitting near the front of Grandstand 10 (Rows 1 and 2) will get you clear, unobstructed views of the infield.

    Seats to the right are best in Rows 3 and up

    Grandstand 10, Row 3-17

    When sitting in rows 3 and higher in Grandstand Section 10, stick to seats near the right aisle. Seats closer to the left side of the row will have obstructed views of the infield.

    • "Never Again!"

      (Grandstand 29) - -

      The view could not possibly have been any worse. The beam right in front of the seats was in terrible position, blocking any view of the batters box or home plate area. Had I been in seat 1 or 2, I could have seen some of home plate, although you'd be following the pitch through the beam as it mak...

    • "Right Next to the Monster"

      (Grandstand 33) - -

      If I leaned forward I could see home plate OK around the beam, but if I was just sitting back comfortably I couldn't see anything near the batters box. Seats 1 through 3 were even worse, so I felt really bad for the fans to my right. Seats 5 and higher have far superior views, but put you further ...

    • "Slightly Obstructed, But Great"

      (Grandstand 12) - -

      Seat 7 was slightly obstructed by a pole, but overall they were great.

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