Covered Seats at Fenway Park

At most ballparks, knowing where covered seats begin and end is confusing. In most cases, only select rows in select sections are covered by a roof or an overhang. At Fenway Park, it's an all-or-nothing game. Either an entire section is covered or none of the section is covered.

If your seats are in one of the following sections, you're in luck! Your seats are covered and you should stay dry in the event of rain:

Note: Pavilion Club sections are often confused with Pavilion Boxes and Home Plate Pavilion Club. These sections are commonly labeled "PC" and are not covered.

Shaded Seats at Fenway Park

If you know which seats are covered at Fenway Park, you have a pretty good idea about which ones are shaded. Nearly all seats protected from the rain are also covered from the sunshine for 1:00 p.m. games.

All covered seating is also shaded except the following:

  • Pavilion Boxes 11 & 13
  • Front rows of Grandstand sections 1-4

In addition to the covered sections, shaded seats can be found around the infield in the Loge Boxes and even some Field Box sections. It's very unusual for some of the closest and best seats in a ballpark also to be shaded. But at Fenway Park, the Press Box and Club Seats behind home plate are stacked on top of each other and shade a number of seats around the infield. For 1:00 p.m. games, these include:

  • Loge Boxes 123-136
  • Upper half of Loge Boxes adjacent to 123 and 136
  • Upper rows of Field Boxes 39-50

The seats listed above will be shaded for the duration of a 1:00 p.m. game. If you're seated closer to the field than what is listed, there's a good chance your seats will eventually be shaded. You might have to wait a few innings for relief.