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Fenway Park Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Dell EMC Club - Bringing the country club to the ballpark, the Dell EMC Club at Fenway Park is a unique seating option for the most discerning guests. These club...
  • Dugout Box (Red Sox Games) - While Fenway Park does not have Scout Seats or all-inclusive club seats on the lowest level like many newer ballparks, the first three rows of seating...
  • Pavilion Club (Red Sox Games) - Although they're located on the highest seating tier, the Pavilion Club seats that wrap around the upper level offer some of the best sitelines at Fen...

Bleachers Seating

  • Bleachers Seating - Bleachers seats at Fenway Park are a collection of sections located in right field and right-center field. Usually among the least-expensive seats for...

Family Section

Grandstand Sections 32 and 33 are designated family sections during Red Sox games. A no-alcohol policy is strictly enforced in these seats.

Field Boxes Seating

  • Field Boxes Seating - The Field Boxes at Fenway Park are some of the best seats for a Red Sox game. These seats offer fantastic, unobstructed views from within 20 rows of t...

Grandstand Seats

  • Grandstand Seats - Grandstand Seats at Fenway Park - especially on the infield - are the biggest gamble when it comes to obstructed seats. Even if you are not directl...

Red Sox Dugout & Visitor Dugout

fenway park visitor dugout
Looking into the visitor dugout in front of field sections 62-69 on the third base side of the field.
red sox dugout at fenway
The Red Sox dugout is located in front of Field Box sections 21-28 on the first base side of the field.

Red Sox Dugout - The Red Sox players sit in front of Field Box 21, Field Box 22, Field Box 23, Field Box 24 and Field Box 25

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Field Box 62, Field Box 63, Field Box 64, Field Box 65 and Field Box 66

Loge Boxes Seating

  • Loge Boxes Seating - Loge Boxes at Fenway Park are a great option for fans who want to be in the shade, close to the field, and do not want to worry about obstructed seats...

Monster Seats

  • Monster Seats - The Monster Seats at Fenway Park are the famous seats located high above the Green Monster in left field. For your best chance at a home run, choose s...

Pavilion Box Seating

  • Pavilion Box Seating - Pavilion Box seats at Fenway Park are located directly behind Pavilion Club seats. Each section includes less than five rows, with Row A being closer ...

Pavilion Reserved Seating

  • Pavilion Reserved Seating - Pavilion Reserved sections at Fenway Park are located in the stadium's upper deck. While these are some of the highest seats above the field, they're ...

Right Field Boxes Seating

  • Right Field Boxes Seating - On the Red Sox seating chart, main level sections in right field are known as Right Field Boxes. These sections are adjacent to the popular Field Boxe...

Right Field Roof Boxes Seating

  • Right Field Roof Boxes Seating - Right Field Roof Boxes at Fenway Park are located down the first base line in the top deck. The view from these seats is less than ideal as the angle ...

Right Field Roof Deck Seating

  • Right Field Roof Deck Seating - One of the newest additions to Fenway Park is the Right Field Roof Deck. This area includes three different ticket options and is known for its large ...

Standing Room Only

  • Standing Room Only - Standing Room Only at Fenway Park is available in a number of different locations. Some of these locations are strictly assigned and others are les...

Tully Tavern Seating

  • Tully Tavern Seating - Seats in Tully Tavern are tucked underneath the overhang in the last rows of the Grandstand. Quite simply, this is the worst spot at Fenway Park from ...

Shaded & Covered Seating

While the Pavilion Box seats don't enjoy the same amenities as the club seats in front of them, Rows B and higher in these sections are covered by the roof.
The EMC Club seats behind home plate are located just above the Grandstand and just below the Pavilion Club.
All Grandstand seats at Fenway Park are fully covered by the pavilion level.
A limited number of seats (rows UU and higher) in the field boxes are covered by the pavilion.
From inside the Home Plate Pavilion Club you can see a little bit of the field. On days with bad weather, the indoor lounge becomes a lifesaver.

Sit On the Third Base Side For Shade; Avoid the Outfield

The best seats at Fenway Park for being in the shade are in the Grandstand, especially on the third base side. These seats are covered from the elements even during early afternoon games. If you want to sit closer to the field, sit on the third base side to get the shade first and to have the sun behind you. Avoid the bleachers at all costs for late afternoon and evening games if you are sensitive to the sun.

Obstructed Seating

  • Section GS23 - Smack dab behind a pole. - Couldn't see the pitcher, the batter, or the entire right side of the field.
  • Section GS1 - Avoid the right side - The beam at the right side of the row limits the view for seats furthest to the right in all the seating rows
  • Section GS2 - Beam at the right - Seats near the left aisle will have a difficult view due to the support beam. Seats near the right aisle are much better.
  • Section GS3 - Right side has the better angle - Most rows in Grandstand Section 3 have better views near the right aisle. If you sit near the left aisle, the beam at the left can impact your view of the infield.
  • Section GS4 - Avoid the left side at all costs - Views from the seats near the left side of the section are incredibly difficult as you have multiple beams blocking your view of the infield. Whenever possible, stick with the seats near the right aisle in Grandstand 4 for the best views in most seating rows.
  • Section GS5 - No relief from the beams - The support beam to the left is down a few rows into the loge box, and a few seats in from the aisle creating difficult views from just about every row. Best place to be is probably the far left side of rows 4-10.

All Obstructed Seat Warnings

Know of obstructed seats? Help other fans and let us know!

Fenway Park Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

Based on capacity, Fenway Park is one of the five smallest ballparks in the Major Leagues. The intimate setting of the ballpark keeps more fans closer to the field and doesn't subject anyone to an upper deck or nosebleed seating. As a whole, this yields better views of the game and a more engaged fan experience. Never-the-less, there are some seats that truly shine when it comes to finding the best view at a Red Sox game.

The most comfortable outstanding views will come behind home plate in the EMC and Home Plate Pavilion Clubs. Both of these areas offer fans an elevated look at the historic ballpark without being too far away. Ticketholders will have clear sitelines towards the Green Monster, the center field scoreboard and every unique inch of fair territory.

For those demanding a great view closer to field level, consider the lower boxes located near the infield. These seats begin about 15 rows from the field - directly behind the dugout/field boxes and a small walkway. Their modest elevation and slight distance from the field offers fans more comfortable sitelines and make it easier to track the game as it moves from home plate to the outfield. Our favorite among these are lower box rows CC and higher behind the dugouts. The walkway tends to get crowded with fans - even when the ball is in play - so it's best to avoid the first two rows (AA-BB). You'll also save some money not sitting directly behind home plate and won't have to look through the screen to see a majority of the action.

If you're visiting Fenway and looking for a view that is symbolic of a historic ballpark, consider box sections 72-82 down the left-field line. The angle of these seats has been dictated by Fenway's placement within the neighborhood and they face back towards home plate instead of into the outfield. Recently, other ballparks - including Minute Maid Park and Busch Stadium - have emulated this unique seating layout. We recommend one of the first few rows where you'll feel like you're seated on the field.

Of course, discussions about the best views of Fenway Park would be incomplete without at least mentioning the potential for obstructed seating. For those worried about sitting behind a pole, simply avoid all Grandstand sections. Most Grandstand seats come with some level of obstruction, so it's best to avoid them altogether.

Sections EMCC1, EMCC2, EMCC3 and EMCC4

  • Excellent height for seeing all Fenway has to offer
  • Unobstructed home plate views without any interference from the screen
  • Head-on view of the videoboard for comfortable looks at replays

Rows A1, 1-2, AAA, A-C in Sections FB76, FB77, FB78 and FB79

  • Unique angle towards home plate makes it feel like you’re playing left field
  • Great views into the Red Sox dugout across the field
  • Within five rows of the field

Rows CC-HH in Sections LB104, LB105, LB106 and LB107

  • Situated above the walkway so other fans do not interrupt your view
  • Excellent views of the field from behind the dugouts
  • Less interference from the net which extends from dugout to dugout

Best Seats for Impressing a Guest

Despite its age, Fenway Park has been remarkably well maintained and upgraded to accommodate even the most discerning baseball fan. While simply bringing a guest to a Red Sox game might be impressive enough, there are plenty of seating options to make the outing even more memorable.

If you're keen on giving your guest a one-of-a-kind experience, look no further than the Monster Seats above the Green Monster in left field. With less than 300 seats available for each Red Sox game, you'll be part of an exclusive group that gets to watch the game from perhaps baseball's most famous seats.

If you're looking for a more formal environment to host a guest, consider the EMC Club seats directly behind home plate. Though they're not at field level, their home plate location and perfect elevation give fans the best overall views of Fenway Park. Beyond an exceptional view, the outdoor seats are padded, under cover and come with wait service. When it's time to get down to business, you can enter the indoor club lounge for some fine dining or a seat at the wine bar.

While the EMC Club receives high marks for its upscale amenities and comfortable seating, the crowd has been known to be a bit dull compared to other areas of the ballpark. If you want to show a guest a great time and are looking for a more relaxed environment, consider the dugout seats close to the field or the Pavilion Club on the second seating deck. Dugout seats still include in-seat wait service, but you'll also be within three rows of the field and be surrounded by plenty of cheering Red Sox fans. The Pavilion Club also includes wait service, and fans seated in Row 5 of these sections will be able to enjoy their spoils at a ledge for bar-like seating with Fenway as the backdrop.

Sections EMCC1, EMCC2, EMCC3 and EMCC4

  • Great elevated view from behind home plate
  • Fancy dining and environment with upscale casual clothing required
  • Exclusive Club Level amenities including padded seats and in-seat wait service

Sections M1, M10, M2 and M3

  • One-of-a-kind Monster Wall seating
  • Unique perspective from top of the wall that only Fenway provides
  • Fewer than 300 seats make it one of the most exclusive areas of the ballpark

Rows 5 in Sections PC1, PC10, PC11 and PC12

  • In-seat wait service and direct access to the Club concourse
  • Row 5 seating is at a ledge - perfect for placing food, drinks and phones
  • Excellent sitelines for a comfortable and immersive experience

Sections HPPC1, HPPC2, HPPC3 and HPPC4

Sections , FB12, FB13 and FB14

  • Seating within three rows of the field
  • Television monitors are placed along the wall in front of Row A1
  • Exclusive amenities only offered to Dugout Seat guests

Best Seats for Kids and Family

Fenway Park has long been a popular destination for families to bring their kids and experience one of America's oldest ballparks. Despite its fame as a tourist attraction, the park has long been lacking in terms of family-friendliness. However, recent initiatives aim at being more kid-friendly and attracting even more families.

The most significant family initiatives are the new Kids Gate and Wally's Clubhouse. Children aged 14 and younger will be able to enter Fenway Park through Gate K (near Gate B at Van Ness and Ipswich). Upon entering, fans will be on the Kids concourse where family-friendly concessions and activities await. Among these is Wally's Clubhouse which offers a play area for children during the middle innings of a Red Sox game. Consider sections down the RF line - like Grandstand 4-6 or RF Boxes 90-92 - to be close to the kids concourse (and so the adults don't miss too much of the game).

With Harpoon and Sam Adams flowing fairly freely at Fenway, you and your family may want to avoid the over-indulgent crowd and sit in Grandstand sections 32 and 33 where the sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

One family-friendly aspect that is not missing from Fenway Park is abundant shaded seating. For older fans and children alike, a day out in the sun can get miserable quickly. Fortunately, the entire Grandstand is covered and offers ample shade during day games. Just beware that many of these seats come with some level of obstructed views.

Sections GS32 and GS33

  • Alcohol free section
  • Family section with rules strictly enforced

Sections GS4, GS5, GS6 and RFB90

  • Closest seats to the Kids Concourse
  • The Concourse features kids food, activities and Wally’s Clubhouse

Best Seats for Partying and Socializing

While Fenway Park is most well-known for its historic charm, green walls and neighborhood location, the ballpark also boasts some of the best seating options for groups of friends and those looking to enjoy a beer with their baseball game. Fenway offers a number of standing areas, ledges, tables and, of course, local beers.

Though the Fenway Park bleachers don't receive as much attention as those at Wrigley Field, fans looking for a cheap Red Sox ticket and plenty of sunshine will do well sitting in one of the reserved bleacher seats in right and center field. Unlike traditional bleacher benches, these are stadium-style seats with a chairback. In fact, these seats are far more comfortable than the old-style seats found in the often-more-expensive Grandstand sections. When looking at bleachers tickets, be careful with the row you choose. There are as many as 50 rows of seating in some bleacher sections. And with concourse tunnels located at row 1 or row 6, that's a long walk up the stairs if you're carrying beers for your group. Do yourself a favor and spend a few extra dollars on seats in a lower row.

Hands-down, Fenway Park features the best standing room ticket options of any ballpark in the major leagues. Chief among these are the standing room Monster tickets in left field. Ticketholders will be able to access the Monster concourse and enjoy a similar experience to those with an ultra-expensive Monster Seat ticket. Other standing room areas include The Coca Cola Corner in left field and the Roof Boxes in right field. Both of these areas offer fans ample space to stand and watch the game while conversing with friends and enjoying a cold one. If you prefer a seat and a reserved location, the Roof Boxes also feature Tables for a group to sit around and enjoy the game.

Green Monster SRO

  • Standing room (no seats) tickets above the Green Monster
  • Enjoy the Monster experience at a fraction of the cost
  • Drink ledges available in some locations on the standing deck

Sections Roof_Deck_SRO and Roof_Deck_Tables

  • Just a few steps below the iconic Budweiser Bar in right field
  • Tables give you a reserved sit-down experience with plenty of space for a small group
  • SRO tickets allow you to stand at a bar ledge just behind the tables

Coca Cola SRO

  • One of the cheapest tickets for a Red Sox game
  • Plenty of space for friends to congregate with concessions, beer and ice cream directly behind

Rows 1-10 in Sections B36, B37 and B38

  • Sun-soaked bleacher seats with a center field view of the game
  • Within ten rows of the Big Concourse (Row 1) concessions and amenities

Rows 1-12 in Sections B40, B41, B42 and B43

  • Sun-soaked bleacher seats behind the Red Sox and visitor bullpen
  • Within six rows of the Big Concourse (Row 6) concessions and amenities

Best Seats for Getting a Ball

If you're headed to Fenway Park with an eye on catching a home run ball, you're going to need a little bit of luck. The Monster Seats above the Green Monster in left field do see home run balls, but they also see a number of would-be home runs dent the tall wall or fly overhead completely out of the ballpark. If you're feeling lucky, Monster sections 3-5 are your best bet for snagging a souvenir.

Catching a home run ball in right and right center fields doesn't get much easier. In the right field power alley, the Red Sox and visiting team bullpens swallow up a fair number of longballs. In fact, more balls land in center field Bleacher sections 35 and 36 than in the right field Bleachers. As an alternative, consider the front rows of sections 1-4 where you'll be on the home run side of Pesky Pole. Home runs will land there once every ten games or so, but a large number of balls will hop over the short fence for a ground-rule double.

If catching a foul ball at a Red Sox game is on your bucket list, you'll find that a lot of balls make it into the seats - but their final destinations are rather unpredictable. It's important to note that the new netting at Fenway Park covers a good portion of the left and right infield lines. Many foul balls fly completely out of the stadium (over the roof) or carom off one of the many facades into the lower level.

Despite the unpredictable bounces, almost every seat at Fenway Park has a chance to come home with a souvenir. The few exceptions are the deepest Pavilion Boxes which are too far from home plate and the highest rows of the Grandstand which are tucked deeply beneath the EMC Level.

For your best chance at a ball, consider the aforementioned EMC Club seats, Loge Boxes down the first and third base lines and Pavilion Boxes near the infield. Once again, remember that the new netting at Fenway effectively covers most of the infield. So you will be much better protected from a scorching hot line-drive foul ball. However, the main way to get a ball is hoping it bounces overhead and ricochets to you.

Sections M3, M4 and M5

  • Highest concentration of home runs from right-handed batters
  • Even if you don’t get your hands on a ball, you get a unique look at them going overhead and slamming against the Green Monster

Rows A-D in Sections B34, B35, B36 and FB1

  • Located near the famous Pesky Pole
  • Best chance at a home run or ground rule double in right field
  • Unique angle towards home plate from near field level

Rows 1-3, A-B in Section

  • Located just behind the foul ball girls
  • Potentially a good spot for a kid to be tossed a ball

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

Despite attracting millions of fans each year - many of them out-of-towners - Red Sox fans at Fenway Park have a reputation for being overly rude to guests cheering for the opposing team. With this in mind, you may want to purchase tickets in areas of the ballpark that are most likely to be filled with fans who share your rooting interest.

If your budget allows it, first consider Field Boxes 59-70 near the visiting team dugout. These seats will be protected by a new netting so souvenir balls can be harder to come by than they used to be. Not only will these seats get you close to your favorite players, these tickets are on the more expensive side. As a result, the fans in this area tend to be a little less inebriated and perhaps a little more welcoming.

If you don't mind putting up with a little friendly (and not-so-friendly) banter, another area to consider is the front of Bleacher sections 42 and 43. The visitor bullpen is located in front of these sections which typically attracts visiting-team fans. Not only will the lower rows keep you close to field level, they also allow for easier access to the bleacher concessions and restrooms. Just keep in mind that these are some of the sunniest seats in the ballpark during the early innings of a night game and are unprotected during day games.

One final consideration for opposing fans are the Pavilion Boxes on the first base side of the field. Although they're among the farthest infield seats at Fenway, they provide incredible views of the Green Monster, the Citgo sign, the videoboard, Pesky Pole and into the visitor dugout. You'll also be able to enjoy some local favorites (including a lobster roll) at the Pavilion Level concession stands.

Rows C-H in Sections FB62, FB63, FB64 and FB65

  • Within six rows of the visitor dugout
  • Row C is the first row above the dugout
  • Good views of the field behind the netting

Rows 1-3, AAA, A in Sections FB59, FB60 and FB61

  • Great looks into the visitor dugout just to your left
  • Watch your hitters walk from the dugout to the on-deck circle and warm up
  • Within three rows of the field

Sections PB1, PB3, PB5 and PB7

  • Some of the best bird’s eyes views of the Fenway’s most unique features
  • Easy access to concession stands
  • Similar views to club seats just below, but a much lower pricetag

Sections M1, M10, M2 and M3

Rows 1-14 in Sections B42 and B43

  • Just above the visitor's bullpen
  • Close to the big concourse, which includes local concessions and beets

Recommended Seats for Unobstructed Grandstand Views

Rows 1 in Section GS3

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1 in Section GS4

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1-2 in Section GS10

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1 in Section GS15

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1 in Section GS16

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1-3 in Section GS17

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed
  • Best views are closer to the left aisle

Rows 1 in Section GS18

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1-15 in Section GS19

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed
  • The best views are at the right side of the row

Rows 1 in Section GS20

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1-8 in Section GS21

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed
  • Seats at the right side of the row have the best views

Rows 1 in Section GS22

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1 in Section GS23

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1-3 in Section GS24

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1 in Section GS25

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1 in Section GS26

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1-2,4-5 in Section GS30

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1-2,4-5 in Section GS31

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 2,4-5 in Section GS32

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

Rows 1-2 in Section GS33

  • Clear views of the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Majority of the infield is unobstructed

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Fenway Park Seating Reviews

  • "Difficult To Watch the Infield" - - When I walked into our entry tunnel, I was pretty excited to be sitting to so close to the field at ...
    Field Box 7, Row H, Seat 7
  • "Close to Amenities with a Decent View" - - My view was pretty good considering I was rolling the dice on the Grandstand level not knowing if I ...
    Grandstand 27, Row 4, Seat 18
  • "Perfect Placement Between Beams" - - My seat was three rows from the top of the grandstand level, so I went in expecting to have a beam d...
    Grandstand 26, Row 15, Seat 15
  • "Fenway's Finest!" - - If you're looking for a comfortable seat with amazing views, this is where you'll find it! Loge...
    Loge Box 157, Row MM, Seat 4
  • "Really Good for an Upper Deck" - - Fenway is a smaller ballpark, so even though we were in some of the highest seats, the views were st...
    Pavilion Box 5, Row C
  • "Be Prepared for the Sun" - - The view of the field was really quite good, nice elevation above field level, and a good angle to s...
    Loge Box 160, Row KK, Seat 5
  • "Straight Away But Sunny" - - Comfortable seats with a cool view to almost all areas of the field. Didn't have to turn my head ne...
    Bleachers 42, Row 48, Seat 25
  • "Perfect Viewing Position!" - - For me, these seats are at an ideal viewing height for watching the game. I've sat in the Field Box...
    Loge Box 137, Row JJ, Seat 3
  • "37 Feet Above Fenway" - - This was my fifth trip to Fenway, but first time getting anywhere near the Green Monster. You have t...
    Green Monster SRO
  • "Pretty good seats if you don't mind the support poles" - - For affordable seats, they weren't awful. The view of the diamond included a support pole, but it w...
    Grandstand 10, Row 9, Seats 9-11
  • All Ratings & Reviews

    Other Photos From Fenway Park

    bleachers split
    The Bleachers at Fenway are green, while the non-bleachers are red.
    Suite B1 fenway
    A small number of suites labeled B1-B4 are located above the pavilion boxes.
    right field roof terrace a
    Looking into the group party area know as the Right Field Roof Terrace.
    jim beam dugout club
    The Jim Beam Dugout Club is located just past the Red Sox dugout on the first base side of the field. These seats are located at field level and offer fans one of the most unique experiences in a ballpark filled with imaginative seating.
    fenway park terrace seats
    Looking into Terrace Section A. There are two Terrace sections down the right field line, and these cater primarily to group outings.

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