Fenway Park

"Obstructed view"

Seat Review From Grandstand 25, Row 11, Seats 1-4
Jun 2012


Seats 123 are obstructed view of either home plate 1st base or both

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you are bringing the family, you consider yourself "Big and Tall"

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    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Boston Red Sox - Aug 11, 2019

    Aug 2019

    Grandstand 25, Row 3   Verified Customer

    Front row is the way to go

    Grandstand 25, Row 1

    Being in Row 1 will help you avoid any viewing issues when sitting in Grandstand 25

    Middle seats are the safest for clear views

    Grandstand 25, Row 2-18

    In most rows of Grandstand 25 (the exception being Row 1), the middle seats are going to be the safest bet for decent views to the field. Sitting within a few seats of the right aisle leaves the beam right between the pitchers mound and homeplate, leaving you tracking pitches through the obnoxious beam. And if you're near the left aisle, you

    • "Partial obstruction"

      (Grandstand 23) - -

      Left field/baseline obstructed by lally column.

    • "Close to Amenities with a Decent View"

      (Grandstand 27) - -

      My view was pretty good considering I was rolling the dice on the Grandstand level not knowing if I would have a clear view to the field. I was at the far edge of the visitors dugout on the third base line, which meant I had to turn a bit to the right to watch the infield and the batters box. But ...

    • "Great straight view"

      (Grandstand 15) - -

      No obstructions of infield. Pole to the right blocked some of the scoreboard, but no problem. Perfect for looking straight and not having to sit sideways. Under the canopy. Photos I uploaded are not zoomed to show accurate seating and angles.

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