Fenway Park

"Really Enjoyed the Shade and Breeze"

Seat Review From Loge Box 139, Row JJ, Seat 4
Jun 2016


Great for access as my seat was on the aisle and there was just 4 seats in the row so that meant less getting up to allow other fans in the row to reach the aisle. Nicely in the shade during a 1PM start in the middle of June, and a really nice breeze coming through to top it all off.

Viewing angle is nice as you face right at home plate, although its tough to see deep down the left field line. Very cool views of the Prudential Building above right field, and you can even see into the Red Sox dugout along the first base line.

You wont find much protection from the netting behind home plate, so be on your toes for hot foul balls flying through to the stands.

Best for... watching the game, being in the shade

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