Fenway Park

"Be Prepared for the Sun"

Seat Review From Loge Box 160, Row KK, Seat 5
Jun 2016


The view of the field was really quite good, nice elevation above field level, and a good angle to see the pitchers mound and the Red Sox dugout in the background. The seats also felt very close to the third base dugout (visiting team), although don't have much a view of the visitors players sitting on the bench.

But the biggest thing that stuck out to me was the amount of sun you get when sitting here. Wish I had been a few rows higher where the seats got some shade from the upper deck, and sadly I was just a few rows too low where sunscreen is an absolutely must.

Also, just a pointer to try to get the higher numbered seats in this Row KK. There are 12 seats in the row with a railing at the right side of the row, so if you're in seat 1 you'll be climbing over quite a few people to get to the only aisle which is at the left side of the row (at Seat 12).

Best for... watching the game

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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