Fenway Park

"Close to Amenities with a Decent View"

Seat Review From Grandstand 27, Row 4, Seat 18
Jun 2016


My view was pretty good considering I was rolling the dice on the Grandstand level not knowing if I would have a clear view to the field. I was at the far edge of the visitors dugout on the third base line, which meant I had to turn a bit to the right to watch the infield and the batters box. But the beams didn't impact my view, so I was pleasantly surprised with my seat.

Under great cover, with excellent shade as well. The row is extremely large with 25 seats, so I definitely felt for the fans in the middle of the row knowing they had a long walk to get to and from the seats. If possible, stay towards the left aisle (higher numbered seats) as the views are better and you'll be closer to the aisle at the left. I was in a very good position at Seat 18, and wouldn't have wanted to be in a lower numbered seat.

Legroom was very cramped for a guy with longer legs, so I wouldn't recommend these if you're taller and looking for a comfortable seat at Fenway. But as a bonus, there are some great concessions nearby just above Grandstand Section 29, and the men's room was right above our section.

Best for... watching the game, partying/socializing, being in the shade

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    Need to be a few seats in from the right aisle

    Grandstand 27

    There is no espcaping an obstructed view in Grandstand 27 if you're looking by row number alone as even seats in Row 1 can have obstructed views near the right aisle. But if you can avoid the first 4 seats off the right aisle in any of the rows, you will be in great shape to see the entire infield without any limitation.

    • "Somewhat obstructed view"

      (Grandstand 22) - -

      Somewhat obstructed view. Crowd was not very lively and turned around to comment to us that we were being too loud when we were cheering.

    • "Not bad."

      (Grandstand 23) - -

      Good view. Next to seat 15 which has a partially obstructed view.

    • "Money wasted"

      (Grandstand 23) -

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