Fenway Park

"As far as you can get"

Seat Review From Bleachers 37, Row 31
Jun 2016


These seats aren't really all that bad, they're just about as far from home plate as you can get.

Just below the scoreboard, you get a really classic look at Fenway Park.

Good seats for just hanging out, but you will be walking up a lot of stairs!

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult, you do not want a sun burn

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    Great for Bullpen Action

    Jun 2016

    Bleachers 37, Row 5, Seat 1

    It was really difficult to see anything up against center field and right center field. Videoboards are nearly impossible to see as well, requiring a complete turnaround to catch whats going on there. The one really fun part about sitting here though is the proximity to the bullpens. When standing you can see a good portion of the Red Sox bullpen, and it feels very close to the relievers and catchers as they warm up. Just be prepared for a lot of sun as the only thing that provides shade during a day game is cloudy skies.

    • "Long row, cool experience"

      (Bleachers 36) - -

      Pretty cool view of the field from back here. Can pretty much see all of the field except deep CF right in front of you. Great look at press box and Fenway park sign. No videoboard and no head on view of green monster. But pretty good overall.

    • "Outfield seats with a view of the Green Monster"

      (Bleachers 42) - -

      Have to turn around to see the videoboard, but you get a good look at the Green Monater and scoreboard. Nice breeze blowing on a hot day, but no shade in sight!

    • "Straight Away But Sunny"

      (Bleachers 42) - -

      Comfortable seats with a cool view to almost all areas of the field. Didn't have to turn my head nearly at all to follow the game. I noticed that the seating gets quite a bit higher every four rows or so in my section, providing good legroom and a great viewing height over the fans just in front...

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