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Fenway Park Field Level Infield Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Field Level seats on the infield are among the best for seeing the entire field without paying for the upscale amenities of the Dugout Box seats in front of them. Sections 39-48 are closest to home plate and will give you the best view of the entire field, while the Red Sox dugout can be found in front of Sections 21-27 (visitor's dugout in front of 62-67).

The third base side of the field (53-70) offers more concessions than the first base side and will be in the shade before seats on the first base side.

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    • "Best seats ever!"

      (Field Box 65) - -

      Been to many games at many parks....These were great seats It didn't hurt that Seattle scored 5 in the ninth to beat the Red Sox being we are Seattle fans!

    • "Stunning Views Near the Visitor Dugout"

      (Field Box 59) - -

      Amazing place to watch the game as the seats face right at the pitchers mound, and I was extremely close to the visiting team dugout and the batters box as well. It was tough to see down the left field line, and the seats could be a bit more elevated for my liking, but that's just if I'm being su...

    • "Great place to feel a part of the game."

      (Field Box 40) - -

      The seats were four rows back of the field and between home plate and the on-deck circle. It was the first time I've been close enough to hear every pitch hit the mitt and every hit crack. The Red Sox got pummeled, but the view was great, being just outside the edge of the protective netting. Onl...

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