Dodger Stadium

"Incredibly cramped"

Seat Review From Lower Reserve 39, Row A, Seat 6
Sep 2014


Legroom is nothing but terrible in these front row seats on the Reserve level. I'm six feet tall and it was a very tight fit, which gets even worse with the cup holders mounted on the railing just in front of the seats. Having a cramped seat is one thing, but adding in a partially obstructed view courtesy of the safety railing was more than enough to bring me to the conclusion that these just aren't very good seats.
The railing begins to block out the left field foul line just past third base, so there is a significant portion of the field which is difficult to view, making it both annoying and uncomfortable to be stuck here. Its also a long walk to this front row from the section entry tunnel, so I wouldn't recommend it for fans that struggle with a lot of steep stairs.

Avoid if... you are bringing the family, you consider yourself "Big and Tall", climbing stairs is difficult

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