Shaded and Covered Seating at Dodger Stadium

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Shade and Cover FAQs

Finding Shade in the Early Afternoon

For a middle of the day start at Dodger Stadium, the best places to find shade will have a strong relationship to the areas underneath the numerous overhangs and roofs. Fans lucky enough to have tickets on the Loge Suite or Executive Club will be comfortable in complete shade, while those who prefer to sit as close to the field as possible will have much more sun to battle.

Our favorite option for staying in the shade while still having a great view of the game is on the Loge level (second seating tier).  Sit in the back half of the section for good protection from the sun, and you will also be treated to excellent sight lines to all areas of the field which do not feel too far from the action. Loge Seats on the first base side will see more sun as the game progresses, so we recommending opting for the third base side.

Loge level shade at Dodger Stadium
Loge level seating combines great views and excellent relief from the sun near the back of the sections (photo credit: The West End via Flickr)

Watch out for the Lower Reserve (front sections on the upper deck) and Field Level sections as shade is extremely scarce in these areas during mid day games.  Whenever possible, opt for the back rows of sections along third base side as the sun will shine more on the first base side as the day gets older.

Shaded Seating For Events After 3:00

Afternoon games at Dodger Stadium give fans more opportunity to stay in the shade for the ballgame, and you can even find generous protection from the sun in some of the highly sought after field level sections. The trick is to avoid the first base side and outfield seating at all costs, and search for seating in between home plate and the left field foul pole.

Loge seating is a great, safe option with excellent views of the game and and complete shade along the third base line. But for the fans that want to be even closer to the field, search for tickets in the back rows (N and higher) of the odd numbered Field Level Sections behind the Dodgers dugout (Sections 15-27, odd numbers only).  Upper Reserve sections along the third base line will also see a great amount of shade, while lower reserve sections on this side may have to deal with the sun in the first few rows.

When trying to stay out of the sun for an afternoon game, we recommend avoiding seats on the first base side (even numbered sections).  Field level sections 46-52, and nearly all the Reserve level sections on the first base side will have the sun directly in your eyes at first pitch.

Seats in the sun down the first base line at Dodger Stadium
Seats down the first base line will remain in the sun longest, even as late afternoon approaches

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