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Dodger Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Baseline Club - The Baseline Club at Dodger Stadium is located in the first six (6) rows of sections 26-43 and the first three (3) rows of sections 44 and 45. It ...
  • Dugout Club - Similar to courtside seating at a Lakers or Clippers game, the Dugout Club seats are the most exclusive and sought-after tickets at Dodger Stadium. Sp...
  • Home Run Seats - The Dodgers Home Run Seats are the newest seats at Dodger Stadium and come with some great amenities. The seating area is semi-private and a popular l...

Dodgers Ticket Information

2023 Dodgers tickets

The 2023 Dodgers tickets guide includes the season schedule, ticket price information and the best options for buying tickets.

Club Level Seating

club suites 214 seat view  - dodger stadium
  • Club Level Seating - Hanging below the third tier Reserve Level, the Dodger Stadium Club Level gives fans a nicely elevated viewing perspective which makes it easy to foll...

Field Level Seating

covered seats
  • Field Level Seating - The Field Level is one of the most popular seating levels for Dodger games. It is the closest level to the field and runs from foul pole to foul pole ...

Dodgers Dugout & Visitor Dugout

Dodgers Dugout - The Dodgers players sit in front of Dugout Club 11, Dugout Club 13, Dugout Club 15 and Dugout Club 9

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Dugout Club 10, Dugout Club 6 and Dugout Club 8

Loge Level Seating

Loge sections 162-168
  • Loge Level Seating - Loge Level sections offer amazing views from the unique second seating tier at Dodger Stadium. Sections go all the way from foul pole to foul pole cre...

Pavilion Seats

section 306, row s seat view  - dodger stadium
  • Pavilion Seats - The Pavilion Seats are best for fans who don't mind sitting in the sun for day games and prefer a cheaper price tag with a chance of catching a tre...

Reserve Level Seating

dodger stadium reserve level
  • Reserve Level Seating - The Blue Shield Reserve Level is the largest seating tier in Dodger Stadium. It is so large there are two levels within it.  Views can vary great...

Top Deck Seating

dodger stadium upper deck
  • Top Deck Seating - The Top Deck is the very highest seating option on the Dodger Stadium seating chart. While located behind home plate, this area is still home to some...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Dodger Stadium Covered Seats
  • Early Afternoon - For a middle of the day start at Dodger Stadium, the best places to find shade will have a strong relationship to the areas underneath the numerous ov...
  • Late Afternoon - Afternoon games at Dodger Stadium give fans more opportunity to stay in the shade for the ballgame, and you can even find generous protection from the...

Obstructed Seating

The view from the last row in section 5 at Dodger Stadium. Notice how the overhang will obstruct views of the videoboards and flyballs.

Know of obstructed seats? Help other fans and let us know!

Dodger Stadium Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

Dodger Stadium is the third oldest venue in the MLB behind Fenway and Wrigley, two ballparks which are widely known to have many seats with disappointing views for a baseball game. But Dodger does not fall victim to the same struggles, and offers a number of phenomenal seating options for watching baseball in Los Angeles.

Best Views on the Lower Level

Starting on the lower level, fans can find top notch views when sitting in odd numbered sections 17-25 on the third base line near the Dodgers dugout, or even numbered sections 16-24 behind the visitors dugout, but keep in mind that these sections will be behind the extend protective netting. The viewing angle has you facing the middle of the infield, and the proximity to the action will keep you completely tuned in to every pitch. One unsung benefit here is the small seating rows, which feature no more than 8 or 9 seats in each. You'll never be far from the aisle, but more importantly you have less neighbors making trips to and from the concourse, helping to limit the number of times you need to get up to let someone in or out of the row.

Other great options for watching the game from the lower seating tier are found in the back half of sections 1-4, putting you directly behind home plate. You'll have unparalleled views of pitches as they make their way to the plate, and the seats keep you looking straight away at all the action near the batter's box. We recommend the upper rows here (L through X) as the additional seating height helps provide a wider and deeper range of vision.

Best Views on the Loge Level

We were lucky enough to visit Dodger Stadium for multiple games, and could not have better things to say about the Loge Level seats. These sections are impressively close to the field for not being on the lowest tier, and the viewing height is one of the best we've experienced in all of baseball. Its hard not to recommend the entire Loge Level, but the best of the best here are seats in the lower half (rows A-J) of the sections between the dugouts (101-136). Sitting near the front of these perfectly positioned sections is an amazing experience, and you'll also have small seating rows (no more than 8 seats) for less distraction from the game. If you prefer seats with overhead coverage, opt for rows N and above which still has very good views of the field.

For a more affordable option which still gives you a good view of the ballgame, you'll want to search in the infield reserve sections behind home plate, or the lower reserved sections down the third base line. Behind home plate, rows C-H in Infield Reserve 1-5 give you straight away perspective with expansive views of the field which don't feel all that far from the action. Further down the third base line, rows C-H in Lower Reserve sections 15, 23, 27, and 31 offer good value, with excellent seating angles toward infield and the sun at your back sooner for a day game. We recommend rows C and higher as the railing at the front of the sections can impact the view when sitting in rows A and B in front. Also, be sure to pass on closer rows of Lower Reserve 19 as you will find some Dodgers cameramen covering the game at the front of the section.

Sections Section 16, Section 17, Section 18 and Section 19

  • Close to the dugouts with amazing views of the infield
  • Small seating rows help keep your focus on the game

Rows L-X in Sections Section 1, Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4

  • Impressive scout style views behind home plates
  • Great sight lines to all areas of the field, including the outfield corners
  • Close proximity to the batters box and on-deck circles

Sections Section 101, Section 102, Section 103 and Section 104

  • Dodger Stadium's Loge Level could be the best viewing perch in baseball
  • Excellent sight lines from between the dugouts
  • Small seating rows for quicker trips to and from the seats

Rows C-H in Sections Infield Reserve 1, Infield Reserve 2, Infield Reserve 3 and Infield Reserve 4

  • Lower rows of the infield reserve feel surprisingly close for an upper seating tier
  • Clear lines of sight to all areas of the field including the corners
  • Requires little to no head turning to follow the game

Rows C-H in Sections Infield Reserve 15, Lower Reserve 23, Lower Reserve 27 and Lower Reserve 31

  • Near the front of the lower reserve for a closer feel
  • Good natural lines of sight to the heart of the infield
  • Sun at your back sooner on the west side of Dodger Stadium

Best Seats for Impressing a Guest

Although they're among the priciest options at Dodger Stadium, the Dugout Club seats are the very best way to go if you're looking to impress at a Dodgers game. The premium amenities are an obvious draw, and include in-seat food and beverage service, plush cushioned seating, and access to the Dugout Club Lounge which features an all-inclusive buffet. You'll be no more than nine rows from the field providing outstanding views of the game, and for most Dodger games you will also find yourself sitting among LA's most well known personalities. Its not uncommon to find entertainment stars and athletes taking in a game from these exclusive seats, along with one of the most frequent visitors, Dodger legend Tommy Lasorda.

Basline Club Seats

Another great option for making an impression are the Baseline Club seats down the third base line. You won't be as close to home plate as the Dugout Club, but a ticket in rows 1-6 of sections 27, 31, 33, 35, and 37 still keeps you near the Dodgers dugout on the third base side with amazing proximity to the field. The most unique feature here is that fans will be treated to the widest of any seating option in the ballpark, along with a personal ledge just in front of your seat. Rounding out the memorable benefits are in-seat wait service, and access to the all-inclusive Baseline Club lounge.

Should you get priced out of the expensive Dugout and Baseline Club seats, we recommend searching in the front rows of the Loge Level right behind home plate. You won't have the premium amenities such as in-seat wait food and beverage service or access to an exclusive lounge, however a ticket in the first 5 rows (A through E) of Loge sections 101-108 offers an impressive spot to watch a Dodgers game. You'll have amazing all around views of the field from an optimal seating height, and the smaller seating rows (no more than 9 seats in each row) create a more comfortable, private feel while taking in a ballgame.

Sections Dugout Club 10, Dugout Club 11, 12DC and Dugout Club 13

  • Closest seats to the action right behind home plate
  • Exclusive club amenities including a complimentary buffet
  • Great perspective of the game and a hot spot for famous LA celebrities

Rows 1-6 in Sections Section 27, Section 31, Section 33 and Section 35

  • Enjoy the widest of any seats in the ballpark along with a personal ledge for food and beverage
  • Access to the all-inclusive Baseline Club lounge
  • Amazing proximity to the field and the Dodgers dugout

Rows A-E in Sections Section 101, Section 102, Section 103 and Section 104

  • Amazing overall views of the game from an ideal seating height
  • Small seating sections provide a more comfortable atmosphere
  • Straight away sight lines allow you to relax and enjoy the game

Best Seats for Kids and Family

Unlike some of the more modern ballparks, Dodger Stadium doesn't have many kids themed areas. However if you're looking to bring the family to a ballgame and would like some options for entertaining the little ones, you'll want to search near lower reserve sections 31, 35, or 39. You'll have multiple concession stands nearby, and there is also a playground area just outside lower reserve 31 which features life sized bobble head figures. You won't have any overhead protection from the sun when at the seats, but luckily you face towards the east, and therefore get the sun to your back sooner. There is another kids area on the first base side of the lower reserve (just outside section 28), however seats here have more time with the sun to your face. Lower reserve seating does feel high up and somewhat steep, so stick to rows P-V which keep you near the entryway for less stairs to traverse.

Best Family Seating on the Loge Level

For a good family option a bit lower in the ballpark, odd numbered Loge Level sections 137-153 (down the third base line) are a great place to sit. The loge level has a very comfortable feel as it doesn't sit too high above field level, and also has smaller seating rows (fewer seats per row). Being on the third base side you will get the sun to your back sooner, and you'll also be near a family restroom (section 153), merchandise shop, and numerous concession options. An additional bonus when sitting on the third base side is the closer views to the Dodgers dugout.

Sticking on the loge level, we also recommend seats in rows N and higher of even numbered sections 128-136 (near the visitors dugout on the first base side). You're on the sunnier side of the field here, but if you can find seats in rows N and above you will be nicely covered by the overhanging deck above. The family will have excellent views of the field from these sections, and you are also right by a Healthy Cart and Gluten Free concession stand. Women's and men's restrooms are nearby, while a family restroom is also available with a short walk down the right field line (located by loge section 152).

Sections Section 137, Section 139, Section 141 and Section 143

  • Cooler on the shady side of the field
  • Close to a lot of food vendors on the loge level
  • Near a merchandise store to buy Dodgers gear

Rows P-V in Sections Lower Reserve 31, Lower Reserve 35 and Lower Reserve 39

  • Near a kids playground just outside lower reserve section 31
  • Good proximity to nearby restrooms and concessions
  • East facing seats put the sun at your back sooner

Rows N-V in Sections Section 128, Section 130, Section 132 and Section 134

  • Good viewing angle from the loge level near the visitors dugout
  • Near a healthy eating cart and gluten free concession area
  • Overhead coverage when sitting in rows N and higher

Best Seats for Getting a Ball

There are a number of options a fan should consider when hoping to bring home a baseball after a trip to Dodger Stadium. With the netting expanded down to section 40 down the first base line and down to section 41 down the third base line it will be a little more difficult to get a ball in the usual foul ball territory.

Getting a Ball from the Bullpen

Fans can hope that players will be able to get them a ball under the protective netting, but savvy ball hawks can also find a good opportunity to diversify the chance of a ball by sitting in the lower rows of Field Level sections 52 and 53. Not only are these seats in good home run territory near the short porches at the left and right field corners, but these are also right next to the team bullpens. Send some compliments over to the bullpen staff, and they might just toss you the souvenir you're looking for.

Getting a Ball in the Bleachers

If its a long ball you're after, we recommend the lower rows (H and below) of left field bleacher sections 301-313. Home runs are much more rare if you get any higher. The same can be said for the bleacher sections in right field 302-316.

Getting a Ball in the Home Run Seats

The Home Run Seats are a new addition to Dodger Stadium in 2020. In front of the right and left field bleachers the Home Run Seats consist of two rows of seating and are a great place to get a home run ball.

Rows A-H in Sections Section 301, Section 303, Section 305 and Section 307

  • Highest concentration of home run balls in the outfield bleachers

Rows AA,A-N in Sections Section 52 and Section 53

  • Double your chances at grabbing a ball!
  • Sweet talk the bullpen staff for that one-of-a-kind souvenir
  • Still in fair territory with a short porch for a home run ball

Rows A-G in Sections Section 302, Section 304, Section 306 and Section 308

  • Better chance of getting a home run ball, especially from left-handed batters

Sections Left Home Run Seats A, Left Home Run Seats B, Left Home Run Seats C and Left Home Run Seats D

  • Home Run Seats
  • Closest seats to the outfield grass
  • Early admission for batting practice

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

Our top recommendation for visiting team fans at Dodger Stadium is also one of the most exclusive options you can find at the ballpark. Lexus Dugout Club sections 6, 8, and 10 get you as close as possible to the visitors dugout, and also come with premium amenities such as in-seat wait service and access to the upscale Lexus Dugout Club lounge. But most notably, the Dugout Club seats are a favorite among LA celebrities, allowing you to enjoy some star watching while passing time between innings.

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans on the Field Level

Should the club seats be outside the target budget, you can still find great options which keep you feeling close to the dugout in rows A through K of even numbered field level sections 14-24. You'll have excellent views of the players as the enter and exit the dugout, and top notch sight lines to the heart of the infield. Also garnering strong consideration are seats in rows 1-3 of field level section 26, which provide viewing angles right into the dugout (opt for the lowest numbered seats possible) and put you right up against the field of play.

The visitors bullpen is located near the right field corner, and away team fans can find some phenomenal views of their relief staff from field level section 52. The higher numbered seats get you closer to the right side of the section which has amazing sight lines into the bullpen through a thin fence (closest options: seat 7 in rows A-D, seat 8 in rows E-J, seat 9 in rows K-O, and seat 10 in rows P and above). Also, as you're on the outfield side of the foul pole and near the corner which offers a short porch for big hitters, you give yourself a decent chance at getting to bring home a souvenir home run ball.

Seats in loge section 168 also have great views down to the visitors bullpen, but you'll want to be in the higher numbered seats which get you closer to the outfield side of the section. Stick with rows A-L as the foul pole begins to impact your view of the game should you be any higher, and opt for seat 8 in rows A-E or seat 9 in rows F-L for the best views of the pen.

Section 52

  • Impressive views of the visiting team bullpen
  • Potential to snag a home run ball

Rows A-L in Section 168

  • Views down into the visiting team bullpen from the higher numbered seats
  • Experience the comfort and convenience of the Loge level

Sections Dugout Club 10, Dugout Club 6 and Dugout Club 8

  • As close as it gets to the visitors dugout
  • Sit among the LA elite and enjoy premium club amenities
  • Amazing views of the infield

Rows 1-3 in Section 26

  • Views into the visitors dugout
  • Impressive proximity to the field
  • Personal ledge in front of each seat

Rows A-K in Sections Section 14, Section 16, Section 18 and Section 20

  • Close seating to the visitors dugout
  • More affordable than the premium Dugout Club
  • Excellent all-around views

Best Seats for Views of the Mountains

On a clear day in Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium can offer impressive views of the nearby Santa Monica Mountain Range, and luckily these are mostly found in some of the most affordable areas. So if you're making a trip to Dodger Stadium to just enjoy some outside time in the beautiful weather, give these options some consideration.

Infield Reserve Sections for a Mountain View

Our top recommendations for enjoying the scenic backdrop can be found in rows D-M of odd numbered Infield Reserve Sections 3 through 11. The seating position here puts the mountains in a perfect spot, with the majority of the range located between the left and right field video boards. You can find higher and more expansive views on the Upper Reserve or Top Deck, however these Infield Reserve options have a nice balance of being able to appreciate both the game and the scenery. The lower rows (A-C) might have some difficult views of the field due to the support railing at the front of the seating tier, while the higher rows (N and above) have a less ideal view to the mountains due to the overhang above.

Among the most unique options for checking out the scenic backdrop beyond center field are the seats in Lower Reserve Section 60, and Upper Reserve Section 58. The great thing about sitting here is that you don't have any seating between you and the mountains, and if you don't mind the large head turn to your right to check it all out, the view can be spectacular. The higher numbered seats get you closer to the corner here for the best views to the mountain range. Just be prepared for difficult views of the game itself, as the right field foul pole plays havoc on your sight lines.

Top Deck Seating for Mountain Views

And if you aren't afraid of heights, you can also find excellent views of the Santa Monica mountains from rows H and higher of odd numbered Top Deck sections 3 through 9. You get the most elevation possible at Dodger Stadium for taking in the scenery, and these seats are in great spot for sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the expansive view. The concourse for the Top Deck is located at the very top of the sections, so we also recommend walking around to check out all the viewing angles to the surrounding areas.

Rows D-M in Sections Infield Reserve 11, Infield Reserve 3, Infield Reserve 5 and Infield Reserve 7

  • Excellent natural sight lines to the Santa Monica mountains beyond center field
  • Beyond the Top Deck overhang for a more open vertical view of the scenic backdrop
  • Largest area of the mountains is nicely positioned between the videoboards

Sections Reserve 58 and Lower Reserve 60

  • No seating to your right gives you a clear view to the mountain range
  • Higher seating in the ballpark allows you to better appreciate the scenery

Rows H-WC in Sections Top Deck 3, Top Deck 5, Top Deck 7 and Top Deck 9

  • Highest viewing spot in all of Dodger Stadium
  • Enjoy straight away views of the mountain range between the scoreboards
  • Walk around the Top Deck concourse to take in impressive angles of all the Dodger Stadium surroundings

Dodger Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Home side of stadium just past 3rd base (FL SEC 41 seats 3, 4)" - - Overall great seats between 3rd base and left field. I attended a day game and it was late September...
    Section Field, Row K, Seats 3, 4
  • "Avoid the aisle seats here" - - At Row B I was just the second row from the front of the section, and was seated on the left aisle. ...
    Infield Reserve 5, Row B, Seat 19
  • "Impressive Reserve level, but watch out for sun" - - Considering my seats were on the second highest seating tier at Dodger Stadium, the views were very ...
    Infield Reserve 16, Row D, Seat 14
  • "Corner comforts on the Reserve Level" - - These have to be some of the furthest views available at Dodger Stadium. Buried in the left field c...
    Reserve 53, Row HH, Seat 8
  • "Cool view down the line, but sunny!" - - Section 168 is the last section down the right field line on the loge level. Row A is the first row ...
    Section 168, Row A, Seat 2
  • "Really cool perspective of the game" - - I'm a sucker for seats that look straight in on homeplate down a foul line - especially in left fiel...
    Section 163, Row E, Seat 12
  • "Blocked from the batters box" - - My seat was in the upper portion of the Reserved level, which looks far away on the seating chart, b...
    Reserve 14, Row CC, Seat 1
  • "Leaning forward most of the game" - - I was definitely locked in a battle with the guard railing located just in front of my seat which wa...
    Reserve 18, Row AA, Seat 4
  • "Toaster oven" - - Building up a sweat while working out is great, but building up a sweat just sitting in a seat watch...
    Lower Reserve 40, Row E, Seat 9
  • "Fear of heights? Look elsewhere" - - I think I stayed in my seat for a grand total of 60 seconds. Long enough to learn that in order to ...
    Top Deck 5, Row A, Seat 5
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    Other Photos From Dodger Stadium

    bar top seating
    One of the coolest seating locations at Dodger Stadium is above the Loge where you can sit at a ledge and watch the game. These seats are fully covered and are first-come, first-serve.
    bar tops view
    The view from the bar tops behind the loge level. The overhang is a little obstructive. Otherwise, this is a great place to enjoy the game.
    overhang in section 5
    The view from the last row in section 5 at Dodger Stadium. Notice how the overhang will obstruct views of the videoboards and flyballs.
    left field plaza bar
    The Plaza Bar in left field is located near the main entrance and features televsions, seating and plenty of shade.
    seating levels at dodger stadium
    Field Level seats are yellow, Loge Level orange, and Reserve Level blue.
    first base side at dodger stadium
    A look at the seats on the first base side at Dodger Stadium.
    party box view
    View from Party Box 158
    party box
    The Party Boxes on the loge level are all covered and include a ledge and movable seating, along with a television monitor.
    standing room
    One of the best places to stand at Dodger Stadium is down the left field line near the main entrance. These are tables, ledges, bar seating and plenty of concessions within arms-reach.
    wheelchair seating
    Accessible seating spaces are available at the top of some loge level sections. Companions are seated on a traditional stadium chair with a cupholder.
    wheelchair seats view
    The view from accessible seating in the loge level.
    The Lounge at Coca Cola Pavilion
    Signage of the Coca Cola Pavilion.
    dodger stadium levels
    A profile of Dodger Stadium shows its seating levels: Field Level, Loge Level, Suite Level and Reserve Level. Not seen are the Top Deck seats at the very top of the stadium.

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