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"Pluses and minuses from overhang"

Seat Review From Section 38, Row X, Seat 2
Aug 2014


If you look at the associated photos, you'll see a lot of people shading their eyes. Section 38 gets a lot of sun! But the overhang above Row X will shade you and cover you from rain.

On the flip-side, the overhang will also block your view of a lot of pop-ups. You don't really notice it when you sit down. But as soon as a ball is hit in the air, it's very apparent. You can still get good shade in Row T, so my advice is to sit down a couple rows where the overhang is less of an issue.

Best for... being in the shade

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    • "Really close to the field"

      (Section 7) - -

      There were a lot of great things about these seats. They're incredibly close to the field, there are only 8 seats in the row, there's extra legroom in Row A and there's even a small ledge to put stuff on in front of the row (no cupholder for some reason). Sun is behind you so late afternoon and e...

    • "Close to the field, view just OK"

      (Section 34) - -

      Row D in Section 34 is more like row 10 because there are seats in front of row A. But they feel really, really close to the field. Tons of foul balls coming in this direction. And only 8 seats in a row, so you won't have to fight too many people to catch one. But the view is just OK. The ang...

    • "Avoid Rows W and X (overhang)"

      (Section 26) - -

      Rows W and X, stay away. Awesome cover and shade but your view is compromised by the loge level overhang. You can't see the RF videoboard here (but you have a great view of LF board). Otherwise, really convenient to concessions and restrooms. Just wish the overhang weren't an annoyance.

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