Dodger Stadium

"Closer to field than you think, but bring the sunscreen."

Seat Review From Section 146, Row C, Seat 2
Aug 2014


I was really surprised at how close to the field these seats were! The loge level really hangs over the lower box seats, which makes you feel like you're sitting just above the field. This made for a truly awesome experience, and some of the best 2nd-level views I've ever had in a baseball stadium.

Views of the field are really great, and the scoreboard is pretty much head-on.

The only thing I didn't care for was the sun. It's really in your face down the right field line for a long time. Eventually it sets below the third base side of the field. But you're battling it for a while. Other than that making these seats somewhat uncomfortable for a while, I thought they were great seats.

Best for... watching the game, Catching a foul ball

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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      Comfort and convenience are what makes these seats really awesome. Gotta go to the bathroom every other inning? Not a problem. Kids demanding another run to the concession stand for more sugar? A breeze. Threat of rain in the forecast? Nothing to worry about. Row T is the last row in Section 145....

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      Perfect shade view awesomeness in location is prime

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      In the shade and a primo location with fair weather...add a stadium brat with mustard and a cold beer...not sure where there is a better place to watch a ballgame.

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