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Seat Review From Section 130, Row E, Seats 1-4
Jun 2014


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Awesome stadium with fun atmosphere

Aug 2012

Section 130, Row L

Really fun stadium! The fans are definitely a distracted crowd. We were there cheering on the White Sox and people around us would start cheering whenever we did because they weren't paying attention. It has really good vibe in there though. I think the wave went around the stadium about 15 times or more. I lost count but it was more than I had ever seen before. There are beautiful, huge palm trees in the background and it was just a really neat stadium. Getting in to the stadium was unusual to me because you have a specific entrance on your level and I don't think you can go up and down to other levels. We had to walk around outside awhile to find the right entrance. The seats had a great view and would definitely sit in these again.

  • "Great View and Safe from the Sun"

    (Section 139) - -

    These seats were fantastic for the sun and being close to food, drink, and restrooms. High enough to see everything, but not too high to miss out. The day of the game was very, very hot but these seats made it all a great day. A bit expensive, but worth it during a good game.

  • "Yes"

    (Section 145) -
  • "See it all!"

    (Section 101) - -

    Loge Section 101 is directly behind home plate, and Row M was halfway between the front and back of the section. If there's a better elevated view in the ballpark, I'd like to see it. Seriously, what more do you want out of your seats? You can be closer to the field, but the game (and the ball) can ... is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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